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July 12, 2018

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HoodCelebrityy is the true definition of a “Walking Trophy.” Hailing from Jamaica, the born hustler has proven to be one of reggae’s most sought-after artists, combining the likes of dancehall, rap, and rhythm all in one. Relocating to the States in her teenage years, real name Tina Pinnock found her new home in the Bronx, New York, where she decided to focus on this music thing once and for all. Read more…

With an undeniable charm and killer worth ethic, HoodCelebrityy only dreams of only going bigger, standing her ground for all the strong females in the industry.

For those who don’t know, who is Hoodcelebrityy?
HoodCelebrityy is a walking trophy. [sings] HoodCelebrityy is different, versatile, I do what I want. Woman empowerment, and I stand strong for what I believe.

Where do you fit in the realm of music?
I think I fit anywhere. I’m very versatile. I could do whatever, like right now, I’m doing reggae. As you can see, I got my mixtape, Trap vs. Reggae. I fit… whatever. If you love music, I don’t think you have boundaries. I listen to all types of music as well.

Talk about your Jamaican background and where you grew up.
I was born, practically half-raised in Jamaica. I grew up in St. Catherine, Portmore.

How does that play into your music?
I still have a little bit of the culture in me. You could hear it mostly in my lyrics and also
in my accent.

Talk about being a hustler and how you got on.
I actually used to work in a clothing store. I was a sales associate. So that’s definitely hustling. You have to make sales to get even paid on commission.

I worked at a shoe store, I feel you.
So you know what I’m going through. And I started freestyling there and I put it on Instagram. My homegirl Cardi B, she reposted it and it went viral.

How do you know Cardi?
I’ve known Cardi for 11 years. We met in a house party.

How important is social media for your career?
I like how you asked that question. Social media is important for my career because you meet different people. It spreads the music. Everybody… like I didn’t have to go to the UK for people to know “Who is HoodCelebrityy?” Social media helped with that. I didn’t have to go back to Jamaica for people to know “Who is HoodCelebrityy?” Social media helps with that. It helps expand the music to different people, which is very important.

Congrats on the success of “Walking Trophy.” Did you foresee it blowing up like this?
Thank you so much. Yes, honestly. I called it. My manager and them — that wasn’t the record we were supposed to drop. And I leaked it.

What do you want fans to get from your story?
I want people to know and understand that you could do whatever you put your mind to. Honestly, it don’t matter how far you came from. It don’t matter how long it takes for you to do it, as long as you do it. People see that from my story ‘cause I came from just a regular girl from the hood. I used to work in the hood selling clothes, to now somebody who’s selling my dreams. So you can do anything.

What did you do with your first advance?
My first advance, I put in the bank. I sent some money to my brother in Jamaica. I gave my mom something. Actually moving my mom now, getting her a house.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
I think 10 years is a lot. Where do I see myself in a couple of months? Very big. ‘Cause I put in the work. And I think when you put in work, you get the results and it shows. I’ve been putting in the work for 3 to 4 years now. Even though still, to some people, it’s a very short amount of time. But I did a lot. So I’m giving myself a couple of months, because I’m working very hard. I already got two albums done. I got my EP is coming out and I got a single I’m dropping.

Congrats on signing to Epic. How did that come about?
Thank you so much. [laughs] My manager actually took me to the label. They were very interested in me. When I went, we had a meeting, played a few records, and I just signed right on the spot. I was in shock. I was very excited.

What is your take on the music industry? Now that you’re in it, how does it feel?
It feels good. I think everything is what you make it and everybody has a different story. So my take on it so far has been great. How you treat people, I believe is what you’re gonna get. What you give is what you get. And if you don’t get what you give, then you’re not around the right people. You gotta remove yourself. So you won’t even have a story, ‘cause you remove yourself.

I knew you said you were selling clothes, but what would do you be doing if you weren’t doing music?
If i wasn’t doing music, I would be boxing. I was boxing before, for like a year. And I didn’t have time anymore, so I stopped to focus on music. But I would definitely be boxing.

When you’re boxing, who do you bump in your headphones?
That’s crazy. I haven’t bumped anybody while boxing. ‘Cause I used to spar around with just people, like my friends and stuff. You don’t really have headphones on ‘cause you want to pay attention. But if I’m in the gym, just regular, I bump a lot of Drake. I bump a lot of my own music as well. I bump a lot of artists. A lot.

What’s the best encounter you’ve had with a fan?
It was crazy. [laughs] I had a fan — this was the first time it happened to me — that she had like a nervous breakdown. She started crying and going crazy. At first it scared me a little bit. It scared me ‘cause that was my first time as an artist experiencing that. It made me really see the power and also the bigger picture, that a lot of people is expecting great from you. To continue being great. To continue touching them.

Dream collab? I feel like I know your answer.

How you know? Drake. Kartel. You smart.

Is there anything else you want Young California to know?
I love you guys and thanks so much for supporting me. I appreciate y’all and that’s real. ‘Cause as artists, we forget how important it is with the fans and with the people, especially radios, DJs, fans. We forget how important it is that we’re nothing without you guys. You can’t sell your own music, I don’t care what you tell me. You can’t put your whole music worldwide for everybody. You can’t be at 3 places at one time. So I just want to say thank you guys and I appreciate y’all.

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