Snow Tha Product Is Rapping in Her Own Lane

July 13, 2018

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Born in the Bay Area but now residing in Los Angeles, Snow Tha Product, real name Claudia Alexandra Feliciano, is forging a path as a Mexican-American female rapper in an urban, male-dominated industry.

Snow’s love for music began at a very young age, performing and dropping song videos on YouTube. With her “Drunk Love” video going viral, she soon garnered the attention she needed to be taken seriously as a real artist, eventually landing a deal with Atlantic Records in 2013. Over the past seven years, she’s built a cult following, working hard and staying true to her roots.

From selling out shows worldwide and starting two successful merch lines to standing up for issues such as women’s rights, Snow Tha Product is a force of nature.

L.A. Weekly: For those who don’t know, who is Snow Tha Product?

Snow Tha Product: A rapper — an entertainer, at this point. I’m acting, I rap, I sing a little bit. I pretty much just like to entertain. I happen to be of Mexican-American heritage, and I’m very happy and very outspoken on my beliefs and politics.

Where do you see yourself fitting in today’s era of rap?

Not to sound cliché and say I have my own lane, but I really do. Because I do kind of join this party atmosphere with some political undertones. Just feel-good music, as well as some aggressive stuff. I’m just doing my own thing, and I’ve got my own fan,base that’s very separate from a lot of the hype.

Can you talk about being a strong Latina female in an urban, male-dominated industry?

It’s crazy because dudes are douchebags, even when they aren’t trying to be. As a woman, you have to know how to navigate through that, and also not being offended that some people are just too dumb to understand that they’re being offensive, or being sexist. For us to get acknowledged, we’re going to have to work harder. It’s like being Mexican. A lot of times I feel like because I’m a Mexican girl who happens to rap, I have to work that much harder and work that much better for anyone to even care. I’m glad I’m Mexican and I’m used to working hard anyway.

Talk about your brand Vibe Higher and how it came about.

Vibe Higher came because I’ve had Woke forever. There was obviously drama with Woke and the word and the fact that I own a trademark and all these crazy things. To me, it was getting very annoying that people thought I made a brand based off anything other than me knowing how to build a brand. So I was like, “We’re going to vibe above this and we’re not going to fight things. We’re going to move up and show people what we do.”

Just in a couple months, Vibe Higher was doing just as good as Woke. I feel like people weren’t respecting the fact that we build a brand on the same energy that Woke was built on, which is be aware, be awake to opportunity, step to it. It’s all been in positivity, so when people try to bring us down and be negative, I just swerve that and just go up. I feel like that’s the whole basis for both of the lines, and now they’re both doing good. So honestly, whoever was hating can suck my dick.

What can fans expect from the show on Saturday?

Just the high energy and party, as usual. I took a two-week break and it made me miss touring, so I’m just coming back that much more excited. A lot of tequila and piñatas.

Why’d you name the tour the same as last year?

I really wanted to make sure that people know that the Vibe Higher thing is these guys that I’m bringing along and putting on. I really want to help them get their careers going, kind of like I did. Because nobody helped me, but if I help them, then they’re going to go even further than I ever have. Because I’m trying to have them maybe swerve some of the issues and speed bumps that I hit. I’m paying it forward a little bit because people didn’t help me, but if they would have, I would have done greater things. So now I’m trying help out some people and see them do greater things.

What is your favorite song to perform in a set?

I love performing “Myself.” Usually that’s at the end of my set. I love performing my old stuff. “Get Down Low” is fun. And this song called “Gettin’ It,” because we always crowd surf to it.

Snow Tha Product performs at the Fonda Theater on Saturday, July 14, at 9 p.m.

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