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Mariella Angela Brings Her Art To Life At Pop-Up In Venice

July 14, 2018

Friday, July 13th

Happy Friday the 13th! This is a huge appreciation post for my girl Mariel, because words can’t describe how much I adore her. And because anyone who saw my own post probably fell in love with the artwork, just like the first time I ever laid eyes on it.

I think I first saw her Tyler, The Creator piece at a Bank Sale event downtown. I fucking fell in love and she ended up being there. She was so fucking sweet and gifted me with stickers, I was speechless. I’m not exaggerating when I say this is a girl who has a heart of gold and anyone who has met her can vouch. Her artwork speaks for itself: oil paintings of only the greatest in hip-hop. It’s almost like a co-sign — if she’s painted you, you’ve made it.

First of all, only Mariella Angela could get my ass over to Venice. I literally boycott the Westside, but the energy outweighs the push ten times over. Tonight was the grand opening of her fucking gorgeous month-long pop-up, all the way through August 13th. Honestly, she outdid herself. What a great fucking host. All the bases were covered: open bar, food by Veggie Fam, slaps by SSTICKS, walls of beautiful portraits of everyone’s favorite rappers, and endless good vibes. AND IT’S FREE! Everything was free: no cover, nothing. She literally took care of all the guests that came through, whether you were a stranger or family member.

Honestly, half the fun is guessing which artists she painted. Well, most are obvious. But when you do come across that rare piece you aren’t sure of, it’s exciting to eventually find out who and be like, “Ohhhhhh.” I honestly can never pick between my favorites, but her favorite, Gucci Mane, hangs as a poster on my wall. His trademark ice cream cone face tattoo makes the piece so authentic. The other thing Mariel captures in these portraits is her mood. Everyone’s mood. Just look at K Dot smiling. Makes me smile.

I still can’t over the fact that she knew Wiz Khalifa is my fav. Top 5. He watches over me every night. What I love most is the fact that so many of my friends know about her work and are wanting to come out to the space, just by coming across her page. She put her blood, sweat, tears into this — literally sleeping there in the back. You guys have until August 13th. Go say hi.

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