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The Diplomats Take Over Los Angeles On #DipsetForever Tour

July 16, 2018

Sunday, July 15th

Dipset Forever!!!! If you know, you know. If you don’t know, you’ll never know lmao. Shout out to one of the most iconic hip-hop groups of all time: The Diplomats. This is East Coast to the fullest. Welcome to the Dipset Forever Reunion Tour featuring Jim Jones, Cam’ron, Juelz Santana and Freekey Zekey. Minus one lmao. Juelz Santana is dealing with some legal issues. I think the court said he could only tour if he brought his mom with him. Idk why but I thought that was so funny.

The show took place at The Regent in DTLA, which actually turned out to be the perfect venue. I remember the Blu & Exile 10-year anniversary show here, and the room was packed to the brim. Set time was supposed to be 11pm, but I knew for a fact that wasn’t happening. The age range was definitely a little older. If you recognize Dipset’s legendary-ness, you’re either in you’re late 20’s or a hip-hop head. Huge thanks to Jimmy and Nelson for this. I couldn’t miss it.

It was literally 11:40pm when Cam’ron finally came out, but all was forgotten. “Down And Out” is my all-time favorite. Shout out to Corey for mobbing with me, Marisa for knowing every fucking lyric, and Sasha for being bae. We were all in the presence of a legend. Killa did “Wet Wipes,” Get It In Ohio,” and “Get Em Daddy” Remix before pausing to thank everybody for their support. Specifically, the West Coast for showing love since day one. And then he sparked one and played “Purple Haze,” the perfect segue. Next was “What Means The World To You,” which all the day one Killa fans in a frenzy.

Finally, Jim Jones came out. “Certified Gangstas” was first before bringing everyone back to Miami with “Baby Girl.” And then Jim continued to play all his records, and I realized that was part of the show. Each artist had their own little solo run, which worked out nice because it was Capo’s birthday. All my friends were ragging on him being the worst member of the group lmao. But one time for Freekey Zekey, who I found out is the founding member of The Diplomats. I fell in love with him tonight. He had the best energy and best dance movies. “We Hustle” had me lit, AND he was wearing a Mac Dre shirt. Salute.

Jim Jones went on to play hella records off his new project Wasted Talent. One is called “Banging” featuring Mozzy, which slaps. “Chicken Fried Rice” is another. “848” was last before they turned the ball over to an imaginary Juelz Santana. There were a solid 5 minutes dedicated to all Juelz records, including “Dipset.” Next was the reason why everyone was here tonight: “Oh Boy,” “Hey Ma,” “Dipset Anthem,” and “I Really Mean It.”

“We Fly High,” no lie, you know this… Ballin!

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