EXCLUSIVE: Xavier Wulf Says “No Internet S##t” On Mixtape *East Memphis Maniac”

July 27, 2018

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(AllHipHop News) Hailing from Memphis, Xavier Wulf has finally unleashed his highly anticipated mixtape, East Memphis Maniac.

One listen of his music and you’ll get a quick sense of the “Wulf” in his name.

Every song is made with the utmost energy, raw lyrics, and hard-hitting beats.

Being a prominent name in the underground scene, the 25-year-old is ready to take his music to mainstream and beyond.

“I just do my own thing, honestly. It’s up to the people that listen. That’s really what it’s about. When they listen to my s##t, they can think whatever they want. Whichever world they might be in, it’s all up to their imagination to do what they want with it.”

Today, he returns to release the official music video for “Match Hunters” featuring Madeintyo.

Speaking on the artists he chooses to collab with, Xavier states, “I gotta really f##k with that person. I’ll never do a feature just because it might look good or it might do numbers a certain type of way. None of that s##t f##king matters. If I don’t f##k with whoever I’m doing a song with, and I don’t think that their music and what they do is good, then I won’t do it.”

The project also features a remix of “Check It Out” with Skepta.

“All the features on my tape are definitely handpicked. I know each and every one of them personally. I f##k with them all and they all f##k with me. And I’ve met all of them in person, we’ve all kicked it in person. No internet s##t.”


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