G-SHOCK GBA800 Watch Takes Over Rumble Boxing In Weho

July 27, 2018

Thursday, July 26th

Thank God for G-SHOCK.  Just last month, I attended an exclusive fitness class at Studeo Gym celebrating G-SHOCK’s S Series Step Tracker, which meant I was back for round 2. Tonight was a private editor and influencer fitness class at Rumble Boxing in West Hollywood celebrating G-SHOCK’s popular GBA800 Training Timer Watch collection. Honestly, what a fucking beautiful space. I found out after the fact that the studio was brand new, only 3 weeks in. This was the best fitness class I’ve taken all year.

The event started at 6:30pm, which means I drove almost an hour from downtown to this swank little spot on Sunset Blvd. It was worth every minute. The group fitness class was hosted by Rumble founder Noah Neiman, along with GSHOCK athlete and Olympic snowboarder Louie Vito, who helped develop the watch. As soon as I enter, I was handed a large ice-cold water bottle, hand wraps, and Rumble boxing gloves. I was hyped to actually box again. I’ve been beyond stressed and craving endorphins. Noah greeted everyone as they entered and even commented on my Taylor Gang t-shirt. Only real ones know.

The dark room was full of punching bags, benches, weights, and full-length mirrors so you could see yourself kick ass. Class was phenomenal, and half of it was thanks to Noah’s unmatched energy and music selection. Louie said those exact words before we started, praising Noah’s ability to just get everybody moving and sweating. The music was gold. From Meek Mill to Jay Rock to Diddy, I literally wanted to ask him if he deejayed on the side. The point was to put G-SHOCK’s toughness to the ultimate test, and we did just that. 45 minutes of movement of nonstop work. Huge thanks to Alex (both Alex’s) for the invite, can’t wait to come back. <3

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