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August 7, 2018

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Name the hottest female hip-hop duo in the game right now, the City Girls will wait. Hailing from Miami and now signed to Quality Control, duo JT and Yung Miami put on for all the badass females in the world. The message is clear: do you, and have fun doing it. Aside from their hard-hitting raps, it’s their swag and no fucks given attitude that the hip-hop community can’t help but take notice. Read more…

With a sound reminiscent of Run-DMC and Salt-N-Pepa, combined with today’s standout trap snares, the City Girls prove they are just getting started. Period.

For those who don’t know, who is City Girls?
Yung Miami: City Girls from the 305. We’re just two girls from Miami.

How did you get the name?
Yung Miami: When we signed with QC, Coach was like, “We need a group name.” He gave us some ideas, and we both decided on City Girls.

Talk about your journey with Quality Control.
Yung Miami: We started rapping in August of last year. In November, we ended up getting signed.

You just started rapping in August? That’s crazy.
Yung Miami: Yeah, it hasn’t even been a year yet.

What made you start rapping?
Yung Miami: It was her idea. [points to JT] She had called me one day and was like, “Let’s make a song.” It was just supposed to be a joke, like a play song, but it ended up getting good feedback. We just started rapping from that day.

What’s the dynamic between you ladies?
JT: I’ve been knowing her since childhood. In the studio, we just come up with a song and make music.

Where do you fit in the realm of R&B and hip-hop?
JT: We have our own little lane. Nothing like nobody else who’s out right now (who’s in the industry). It’s more just us, so I don’t know if we fit in like that.

Being a female duo, I feel like there’s not that many, who are your inspirations?
JT: For me, all female artists that are in the industry. Some that’s coming up too. Overall, everybody has their own little things that I like.

Yung Miami: My biggest inspiration would probably be Trina.

You guys just released your debut album, PERIOD. What do you want fans to get from your story?
Yung Miami: Just to be confident in yourself. Do what you want.

JT: Be about your money. Be about your business.

Talk about your #I’llTakeYourManChallenge and the making of the record.
Yung Miami: It’s just a challenge you’re supposed to do having fun, dancing to the song. We didn’t like the hook at first because we felt like we sounded childish a little bit, saying “It’s the City Girls!” We didn’t like it but we still did it. We had fun going back and forth in the studio making the song.

You’re both in LA for BET Weekend. How important is it to come to LA as an up and coming artist?
JT: Important because you see a lot of people here. Probably get a lot of connections. Me personally, I don’t care about stuff like that, but you do see a lot of people. Other people who probably want to come up and stuff, they’ll probably get here and they’ll see people they’d want to do a feature with.

Yung Miami: I think it’s important to become an artist and promote ourselves, like with all the radio people that’s here. It’s good to promote ourselves coming up — put out our music, our mixtape, just everything we got going on right now.

What’s your relationship with Migos like?
Yung Miami: They’re like our brothers. We can go to them for anything. Every time they see us, they giving us advice. Every time we see each other, we hug. We talk. We talking about music. It’s like a family thing. They’re like our brothers. It’s fun being on the label with them.

What’s the best piece of advice they’ve given you?
Yung Miami: To stay loyal to each other and true to ourselves. Don’t let anything come in between us. Just stay solid.

What did you do with your first advance?
JT: Girl, that’s a personal question. I don’t even remember, honest to God.

Yung Miami: She bought me some things for Christmas.

JT: Yeah, that was small though. I really don’t know how it went, it was just going…

Yung Miami: It was like in bits and pieces. It wasn’t like we just got it and [snaps].

JT: It was nothing that I just blew it on, ‘cause I already had a car and shit. I don’t know. I guess anything I needed, like hair and everyday stuff.

What would you be doing if you weren’t doing music?
JT: Hopefully doing some other hustling type of shit. I’d probably have some type of business. Yeah I would, honestly.

Yung Miami: I’d be doing the same thing. I had my own idea. I would probably run something like a boutique through Instagram. You see Fashion Nova? I’d try to do something like that.

How important is social media for your career?
Yung Miami: I think it’s very important because a lot of artists that’s coming up, they get noticed off social media. I feel like it low key helped us because we were doing our shows and stuff, and we were promoting it on social media. We were promoting our music on social media. That’s how our music got heard.

Three things you need in the studio?
JT: A blue Gatorade.

Yung Miami: A blanket, a charger, and some food.

What’s a normal day in the life? Walk us through.
JT: There’s really no normal day, it’s always work. A normal day is work.

What about a day off, what do you like to do?
JT: I’ma lay down allllll day. On a normal day, I ain’t got nothing to do. ‘Cause there’s really not anything to do like that anymore. There’s nothing that I’d be excited about that I’m like, “Let me get up and go to this place.” So I’ma just stay in the house all day.

Yung Miami: I have a son, so probably take him to school, pick him up, do a little errands, and then go to the studio. In my off time, I like to party, I like the drink. So I’ll probably link up with my friends and go to the strip club.

Who’s the most played artist on your phone?
Yung Miami: Lil Baby.

JT: I play everybody. I think the City Girls, honest to God. I listen to our own stuff all day. I’ll probably play in and out some slow songs — I like slow music. But then I always go back to listening to City Girls.

Who’s your dream collab?
Yung Miami: I don’t have a dream collab, I just say people I want to work with. Chris Brown, Cardi B, and a few legends.

JT: The Migos. Not a dream collab, but I’d like to collab with all three of them. Not just one of them, but us and all three of them.

Like a “MotorSport”?
Yeah! Just like that. And Cardi B, of course.

What advice would you give for an aspiring City Girls?
Yung Miami: I love City Girls. If they’re trying to rap, I’d say just do you. Don’t let nobody tell you you can’t rap, because people always tell me I can’t rap, and I don’t give a fuck. Don’t let someone tell you can’t, because someone’s going to like the way you rap. Not everybody’s going to like you, so it doesn’t matter what people say about you. Just do you, have fun, and keep pushing.

JT: Don’t copy us. You can do what you want, but don’t be stealing other people’s swag.

Is there anything else you want to say?
We love all the City Girls and City Boys. Thanks for supporting us.

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