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Travis Scott Turns 6 Flags Magic Mountain Into ‘Astroworld’

August 7, 2018

Monday, August 8th

Happy Monday. I honestly feel like I haven’t written in a minute for my own, so this feels good. Tonight was an event that I had no problem fitting into my schedule: #Astroworld at 6 Flags Magic Mountain. For those who are late, Travis Scott just dropped one of the best hip-hop albums of the year. If you’ve heard “Sicko Mode,” you’ll appreciate the fuck out of this video. I literally watched it 100x yesterday.

Huge thanks to Sylvon for the invite. We had no other details other than Travis Scott was renting out 6 Flags from 10pm to 1:30am, which is pretty fucking late for a Monday night. And it was far as hell, it took me 40 minutes to get there… without traffic. All bullshit aside, I was geeked. I’m a child at heart and love theme parks. I could ride roller coasters all day.

AND I fucking love Astroworld. I genuinely can’t stop listening to it. Today, I fell in love with “Stop Trying To Be God.” That shit speaks volumes. I arrive at the park to find a swarm of kids out front. Someone told me this was open to GA, but the park was empty, so I doubt it. We walk inside and immediately fell in love with the huge gold Travis head as seen on his Astroworld cover. This was the major photo opp of the evening, as the album played back through loud speakers across the whole park. In that moment, I couldn’t get over to how genius this idea was.

I got this Snap of Travis as the security guard legit slaps me in the face lmao. It was funny honestly. La Flame was legit just walking around the park like the rest of us. It was dope. He didn’t perform or anything, which he deserves because he just bodied HARD Summer. Other celebs in attendance: Jaden Smith, Rich The Kid, someone from 13 Reasons Why (which I’m behind on)… and I ran into Tay Keith at the front. Legend lmao. He did “Sicko Mode” and “Look Alive.”

Someone told us they just got off X2 and rode it with Travis and Kylie. That was cute. And then we went on X2 and I fucking died. I literally thought I was gonna die lmao that shit was terrifying. Theme parks were way funner when I was younger. Still love them, just really thought I was gonna die lmao.

Stopped by NoHo for a quick sesh with Spiffy Global and Sour Matt. They told me they were in a 12 hour + session the other day. I’m so inspired by the hustle right now, let’s get it.

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