YG Brings Out Big Sean and 2 Chainz at First 4Hunnid Fashion Show

August 7, 2018

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With Stay Dangerous in serious rotation all weekend long, YG did something he’s been wanting to do his whole career: Throw a 4Hunnid fashion show. On Sunday, Aug. 4, the Bompton rapper sold out the 6,500-seat-plus Microsoft Theater.

With his baby girl Harmony in the front row, the evening began with that real-life fashion show, YG edition. The stage revealed two houses side by side, reminiscent of his neighborhood in Compton, as models walked in one and out the other rocking the latest 4Hunnid clothes that are dropping in the fall.

Creative director Gavin, who also designed the 4Hunnid logo, says, “Last night’s fashion show was a vision that YG and I had from day one for the 4Hunnid brand. Just seeing how hard we all worked to get there, it felt like graduation day!”

4Hunnid honoraries Arin Ray and Mitch were among the models, gracing the runway before YG showed face with his signature red bandanna tied around his neck. After well-deserved applause, he took to the mic to announce the new line will be available at Barneys New York in the fall.

YG even asked Diddy to get off his iPhone at one point, which had the crowd erupting in laughter. Other celebrities in attendance included Mustard, Kamaiyah, 2 Chainz, Russ, Russell Westbrook and Nick Young.

This final product was the result of stylist Brookelyn’s hard work and input every single day for the past two months. While each model rocked the clothing with their own personal swag, she made sure every detail aligned with YG’s 4Hunnid brand.

She handled “everything from the walks to how a bandanna was tied to finding the right people to represent each moment. It was a long process but all worth it,” she said. “It was such a big, big moment, not only for him but me personally. For me, it was scary at first, but it’s only scary because I care about the brand so much, like it’s my own. Plus I was kind of like presenting our baby to the world and hoping that it was received well.”

Brookelyn adds, “You know, the first initial walk when everyone came out that energy in the building was so overwhelming. We were literally dressing people while crying because the vibrations in the building were crazy.”

With Mustard in the front row, YG revealed they wanted him to put 10 singles on the project but he wanted only three. He wanted to include that “real rapping shit,” leading right into records like “Pussy Money Fame,” “Deeper Than Rap” and “Bomptown Finest.”

Next thing you know, the venue turned into a full-blown party. YG went straight into the hits, starting with “BPT.” If you’re a YG fan, you know this is the anthem. “Twist My Fingaz” followed suit, with the classic “Do ya dance, YG, do ya dance.”

“Left Right” was another standout record, as every female in the building immediately started twerking. He brought out RJ, who performed “Get Rich,” and Kamaiyah, who performed “Fuck It Up” — both artists were adopted into the 4Hunnid family. Bringing out 2 Chainz and Big Sean for “Big Bank” was truly special, serving as the grand finale to the eventful evening.

While the music cut off right before Nicki Minaj’s verse, Big Sean made it a point to repeat the line “You boys all cap, I’m more Colin Kaepernick” over and over for the people in the back. Just two days prior, EA Sports CEO Andrew Wilson called YG to apologize for the removal of this line from the Madden NFL 19 soundtrack.

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