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M.I.A. Played “Paper Planes” 3x Because The Sound Was Fucked Up

August 20, 2018

Sunday, August 19th

Happy Sunday! Today is Day 2 of Destructo‘s inaugural All My Friends festival at The Row DTLA. Today, the only artist on my agenda was M.I.A. Like Jhene Aiko, she’s bae. But a much more turnt bae lmao. She took the main stage and blessed us with the most vibrant outfit. If you guys are late, she’s the boss bitch behind “Paper Planes,” which came out over a decade ago. That shit is brazy. And yes, she made us wait an hour and 15 minutes to play the hit record.

Things got awkward lmao. She kept complaining about the sound and not having it up all the way, and then she couldn’t hear anything. She was trippin’ and asked for a spliff. Moments later, this chick in the crowd had one. They got it to her and she smoked it. It was great.

“Boyz” made my night! M.I.A. still got it. And shout out to her DJ, the most lit hype woman I’ve ever seen.

Setlist below:

Bamboo Banga

Double Bubble Trouble

Bad Girls


Pull Up The People


Fly Pirate

Paper Planes


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