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Ella Mai Blesses The Roxy On Boo’d Up Tour

August 23, 2018

Wednesday, August 22nd

When Ella Mai is life. If you know, you know. Seen her plenty of times, but never like this. This was her headlining show at The Roxy on the Boo’d Up Tour. First off, this show sold out within minutes of it going on sale. She could have EASILY done El Rey or a bigger venue, but she wanted to keep the intimacy. Respect. I fell in love with her after she released “10,000 Hours,” but the world caught on after “Boo’d Up” blew up. It’s crazy she wasn’t even pushing that one, but that’s the one that did it.

If you aren’t familiar, Ella Mai is DJ Mustard‘s artist. He literally found her on IG, and molded her into a superstar. It’s really cute actually. Every time I saw her out, she’d always be at his side. We walk into a VERY crowded Roxy Theatre to find a room full of day ones. These are the people who lucked out and copped tickets before they sold out. The VIP section had all the music industry heads, with YG and Mustard chilling in the back. Set time was 9pm and she performed for a little over an hour. She blessed us. And her London accent gives me life.

Setlist below:


Who Knew

Makes Me Wonder

Don’t Want You

A Thousand Times

Naked (her favorite song to sing)

She Don’t f. Ty Dolla $ign (followed by a short Lauryn Hill “Doo Wop” cover/sample)

Breakfast In Bed

10,000 hours

Switch Sider

Nobody Else

Boo’d Up

Trip (latest single)

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