Lil Durk Explains His Evolution Over The Past Decade

August 29, 2018

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Chicago’s own Lil Durk is ready to take his already credible rap career to the next level.

Lil Durk is finally out of his Def Jam contract and he recently inked a deal with Alamo Records.

The rapper, born Durk Banks, is not only consistently releasing hot records, but also turning his OTF family into a label.

Durk is way more than your average street rapper. His music is a combination of real-life experiences, butter-smooth flows, and trap-heavy production.

Earlier this year, he released his critically-acclaimed project titled “Just Cause Y’all Waited,” with features from Lil Baby, PartyNextDoor, Ty Dolla $ign, Gunna, and TK Kravitz.

Now, fans wait patiently for the upcoming compilation mixtape, “Signed to the Streets 3.”

AllHipHop recently caught up with Durk at OG King Louie’s studio/dispensary in downtown LA.

AllHipHop: On “Homebody” you actually rap about Percs, how has your outlook changed since Fredo Santana’s death?

Lil Durk: I stopped.

AllHipHop: Really?

Lil Durk: Yeah, I don’t like Percs. It was already like, I was cool on them anyway, but with that situation…

AllHipHop: Right, so you stopped doing them after that?

Lil Durk: Yeah. Actually, I was high when I got the phone call. I was panicking like “damn.”

AllHipHop: Good for you, that makes me so happy

Lil Durk: Yeah fa sho. It’s like everybody’s going to do what they’re going to do regardless, but by him dying, by Lil Peep dying, a lot of people are going to stop the situation, and a lot of people are going to keep going. It’s your choice.

AllHipHop: How did you end up mediating the 6ix9ine/Chief Keef beef?

Lil Durk: I went on Instagram live with 6ix9ine and what I was explaining to them was, I don’t be keeping up. I look at that s##t like a joke. No matter how ya’ll take it, how ya’ll do it, it’s a joke. So… I’m like, “That’s not how ya’ll are going to end it.” He was like, “Oh s##t, I ain’t know that s##t was like that.”

AllHipHop: What have you learned most now that you been in the business for almost 10 years? What’s the difference between 17-year-old Durk and 25 year old Durk?

Lil Durk: I’m a businessman now, definitely. I’m more mature. I learned from my mistakes, definitely know how to change everything around me, change everybody around me.

Like my management, they all went to college. I’m being smart about the situation because I want to grow.

I don’t want my managers to be high, just grow.

AllHipHop: Who are the Top 5 producers you’ve worked with?

Lil Durk: Chopsquad DJ, ATL Jacob, Will A Fool, Southside, Young Chop.

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