Slidin’ Thru: Yung Mal & Lil Quill

September 25, 2018

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Yung Mal & Lil Quill are the dynamic duo signed to Gucci Mane’s 1017 Eskimo Records. Hailing from the Zone 6 of Atlanta has everything to do with their sound, their swag, their personality, and their vision. In 2017, they linked up on “Publicity Stunt” and it’s been a wrap ever since. Read more…

In November of last year, the two dropped their Kids of the 6 EP which was more or less an audition tape to gain Guwop’s attention. They succeeded. With a loyal fanbase and streaming numbers to back up their case, the synergy between the two remains unmatched.

We caught up with the two as they touched down in LA to celebrate Mal’s 23rd birthday, with Backwoods courtesy of Sour Matt. In fact, Quill was still slightly KO’ed from their session earlier that AM.

For those that don’t know who is Yung Mal and Lil Quill?
YM: His name Lil Quill and I’m Yung Mal. I’m IceBurg, 1-5 Yung Mal.

*Lil Quill is asleep on the couch*

Where do you fit in the realm of hip-hop?
YM: I’m a rapper. I’m not on that other type rap. I just rap about my life, so whatever you want to call that.

Being from Atlanta, Zone 6, how does that play into your life and career?
YM: I grew up in Atlanta, Zone 6, but I’m actually from New Orleans. I moved to Candler Road when I was 9 or 10 years old. Ever since then, that’s all I knew, that’s all I know.

How does that play into your life now?
YM: Shit, it’s good. That’s my hood. I can go back whenever I feel like it. I’ll always be there. They love me and I love them more. That’s what it is.

What’s the inspiration behind your names?

*Lil Quill wakes up*

LQ: Those are our real names, just abbreviated.

When did you pick up the name?
YM: When my mama gave birth to me. As far as rap name, my name Yung Mal. They put the ‘Yung’ on it themselves.

At what did you realize you wanted to start rapping?
YM: When I did like 60,000 views on YouTube, and I was a nobody.

On the first song?
YM: I don’t remember what I did on my first song, but I always got good feedback. I felt like shit, maybe I can do something with it.

Can you talk about how you linked with Gucci?
YM: Shit, we were just working. This was before we knew him, we had always been working. That’s all we do, is work. We were just working and our past work had reached out to him through Instagram and the internet.

Just through Instagram?
YM: Basically, that’s how he got on to us. And he knew a couple folks we knew already, so it all played out. Then he actually ended up signing us.

That’s crazy, how long after you met?
YM: I mean, we never really met him. He signed us before we even met him.

You didn’t have to catch a vibe in person or nothing?
YM: Nah, we talked to him and he already knew we go hard. So he made it happen. When we talked to him, he was out of town. We talked to him on the phone and shit. He told us he wanted us to join the team and that’s what happened. [laughs] We had a studio in Atlanta. We went out to the studio in Atlanta and recorded. He wasn’t there yet though, we picked our jewelry and shit. Our chains. Maybe like a week or two later, we met him.

How was the first encounter?
YM: Shit, it was good. It felt kind of unreal. We met him at a video shoot with…
LQ: Young Dolph and Rae Sremmurd.
YM: Peewee Longway and Ralo were there too. That was the first time we ever met him. He called us over to the studio and we were just kicking it with him. We took pictures and shit. He put us in the video.

Do you guys have music?
YM: Yeah, we got plenty music. We got a lot of music.

What’s coming up for you? I know you guys just dropped an EP.
YM: We just dropped a project called Souf6 with Richie Souf. We got Blessed Lil Bastards 3 on the way. We got a lot of music already out. I’m working on a project with Hoodrich Pablo Juan right now.

So is it a duo?
YM: It’s a duo fasho, but we definitely get our own money. You know how that go.
LQ: Definitely.

Talk about the dynamic in the studio.
YM: Shit, we just be vibing. Vibes. We smoke weed. We smoke a lot of weed, like 3.5 grams in one blunt. We get mad high.
LQ: We get so high, I may fall asleep.
YM: We get so high, lil bro may fall asleep.

How often are you falling asleep?
YM: Shit, how often do we smoke? Every other night, he might get up out of there.
LQ: Every other night.

Who gets the final say out of you two?
LQ: It’s some team shit, ain’t nobody doing something without the other.
YM: Really, whatever we both of us feel is best. I ain’t really going to do too much without letting him know anyway. In that case, he got the final say. He ain’t gon’ do nothing without letting me know. In that case, I get the final say.

I think you just rolled a fatter backwood than Sour Matt.
YM: I just put a whole 3.5 in one blunt. 3 grams and a half in one blunt. I’ma smoke all of it.
LQ: I’ma smoke it with him.

What’s the best piece of advice that Gucci gave you?
LQ: Just stay on point.
YM: The best advice he really actually gave me was to pay attention and watch my surroundings. Pay attention to what I’m doing, as far as going out to shows and moving really, period.

Where do you guys see yourself in ten years?
LQ: To be honest, on a billboard flying across Times Square-type shit.
YM: Just to be all the way real, real life shit, 10 years? I don’t know where I may be. I may become so big that I maybe can’t even rap anymore. That’s the picture I want my fans to get, that one day, he’ll be big enough where he don’t even have to rap. He can be like Martin Luther King and just talk.

What other endeavors would you get into?
YM: I just want them to know you can overcome anything. I don’t want to say the struggle because everybody has their own little things they go through. But if you down, there’s always a way to get up. I’ma just put it like that. You can take it how you want to take it.

What’s a normal day in the life. Walk us through?
YM: Shooting dice, smoking weed, studio, females — making each other laugh, talking about each shoes.
LQ: Food. Gotta have food.
YM: Yeah, we like a lot of food. We like to eat. The more weed, the more we eat.

Do you guys work out and go to the gym? I feel like everyone in LA does.
YM: Nah, we don’t work out. We ain’t on that LA fitness shit.
LQ: I got a member at LA Fitness, but I ain’t gon’ be in there.

How much do you smoke in a day?
YM: Unknown. [laughs]
LQ: Which state you talking about?

Give me Cali and Atlanta.
LQ: I don’t know. I might have smoked like 10 blunts this morning by itself.

Is that why you’re sleep?
LQ: I’m being real. I get home and I don’t be doing that. I only smoke like 3 at the most.
YM: I can count how many blunts you smoked today.
LQ: By 2 o’clock, I done smoked like ten blunts at the crib, I don’t care what you saying. We did that.

Sour Matt: I’d say you guys smoke a half an ounce to an ounce, each.
YM: We smoke like a zip a day.

How does Cali compare to Atlanta weed?
LQ: Cali weed is more flavorful. Atlanta weed is more… higher.
YM: I smoked two zips in two hours.

Do you guys drink too?
YM: Nobody drinks. I might take a sip every now and then.

Three things you need in the studio?
YM: Water, weed, and just vibes. We don’t really need too much.
LQ: And food. And some hard ass beats.

What producers do you work with?
YM: We fuck with everybody: Spiffy Global, Southside. We fuck with Gudda Tay. To be real, that’s our go-to guy. They already the answer to that question. We fuck with everybody though. We love hard beats.
LQ: We fucking with everybody as long as your shit hard, and we can get in contact with you.

What would you guys be doing if not music?
YM: To be real, I don’t really know. It wouldn’t be positive though. I’ma just be all the way 100 with you. I’ll be just trying to figure it out, and you know what that means.

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