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October 16, 2018

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Wifisfuneral isn’t your average rapper, he’s his own entity. Coming up in this new wave of trap and melodic hip-hop, real name Isaiah Rivera isn’t worried about the clout or the fame, he just loves creating music. Coming up on the likes of SoundCloud and the internet, Wifi garnered an organic, cult-like following, which carries over as he transitions from the underground into the mainstream light. Read more…

At 21 years old, Wifi has successfully shut down the stage at every single Rolling Loud to date, thanks to his manager Tariq who also co-founded the festival. Regardless of his stature, Wifi continues to be a role model for the youth to stay true to themselves and never needing to conform to the norm.

For those who don’t know, who is Wifisfuneral?
I don’t know. I never really looked at it like that. It’s just a name that grew with a deeper meaning as I got older. It was just a thought honestly, when I was a kid.

Where do you fit in the realm of hip-hop and R&B?
I don’t feel like I fit in it period, so it’s kind of weird. [laughs]

How would you describe your sound?
Different, very to the point. Very black and white, but it has a lot of substance in it honestly.

You’re born in New York but grew up in Florida. How does that play into your life and career?
It plays a big part because being born in New York, I have the knowledge of what people would consider traditional hip-hop. Then it changing and experiencing a complete culture shock just living in Florida, and understanding Southern shit honestly.

What does it mean for you to perform at Rolling Loud in the Bay this weekend?
It’s cool because I’ve been performing at every single Rolling Loud since it ever started. Just to see what it’s grown into from then to now is great.

Talk about your relationship with Tariq, who is the cofounder and also your manager.
He’s been been managing me for almost 3 years now. He met me when I was a kid. He’s always believed in me. I’m proud to see him do what he’s doing now.

How did he find you?
He found me when I was opening shows in Orlando. He would do homecoming shows in Orlando. That’s when he first saw me, and he’s been fucking with me ever since.

What’s your favorite part about the Bay?
I haven’t really been able to look at it that much, honestly.

[Comethazine laughs]
Comethazine: That’s true shit, ‘cause we’re stuck in here.

You recently dropped your Ethernet project this year. Talk about the creative process and how long it took you.
It was cool. I guess you could say it was the first big project that I’ve done thus far in my career. The whole experience of working with different producers, production, stepping up levels, and just not being stuck in a specific box anymore as far as the category of music was great. That was the best part as far as the creative process went. It took like a month and a half.

What is it you want fans to get from your story?
Just for people relate to me. There’s people who relate to you, aka me. I just speak for those type of people and if you can’t relate, then that’s cool. I make music just because I love making music, honestly.

You have everyone from YBN Nahmir to Skies to Uno to Key! Talk about who you choose to collab with and why.
I chose those specific people to collab with because I’ve been listening to their music for a minute. I don’t like making music with a lot of people, but when I do hear myself doing features with people, it has to be the right beat, the right song, right subject matter, everything. Everyone that I’ve collabed with is for that specific reason. Other than that, I’d rather just do shit by myself.

That Keith Ape record “Ninja Turtle” is crazy. How did you link with him?
Him and his manager sent it to me, and we got it done. I fuck with Keith Ape. I did a European tour with him about a year and a half ago. That was great honestly. It was cool as hell.

What was the best memory?
When we were in Italy. The shows in Italy were crazy.

You’ve experienced a lot of loss in your life. How has music been a form of therapy for you?
I don’t know. It’s therapeutic daily because I’m just constantly writing and shit, but I don’t really look at it like that. I don’t really put that much thought into it. Whatever happens just happens.

What is your take on the music industry?
Honestly, there’s really no right way to answer that shit. It’s like we hate it, but we love it. It is what it is.

What did you do with your first advance?
Dumb shit. Shit that every fucking rapper probably does.


What’d you spend it on?
I don’t know. I don’t even want to talk about that shit. That was then bro. I look back at that shit and I’m like, “I’m fucking stupid.”

I saw you post a clip on IG saying “please keep doubting me it does nothing but fuel me.” Talk about your haters.
I don’t know, that’s another it is what it is situation. If you don’t have haters, I guess you ain’t doing something right. Fuck it.

Have people been treating you different as you gain fame?
Yeah, I don’t have as much friends anymore. I guess that’s a sign.

You also tweeted “you ever think how happy people’s lives would be if you didn’t exist.” Can you expand on this?
I don’t like talking about that shit, honestly.

How important is social media for your career?
It’s very important because it allows me to connect with fans in a way that they’re not able to.

What’s a normal day in the life? Walk us through.
I’m probably not getting out of my bed till like 5pm. I’m walking around my house just thinking about shit, all day. That’s honestly what I do.

Do you smoke or drink?

3 things you need in the studio?
Water, coffee, and good energy.

What would you be doing if you weren’t doing music?
I think about that every day, but I have no idea honestly. I always knew I wanted to do music since I was a kid.

Any other side interests, passions, hobbies?
Nah, I’m trying to figure that out as I get older.

What are some goals for yourself as an artist.
Just to be the best of my full ability and do what I need to do. Do what I need to in the game and go with a bang.

Favorite song to perform in a set?
“Lil Jeff Hardy.” I fuck with that song.

What’s the best encounter you had with a fan?
Best encounter I ever had with a fan was when they gave me a Bones T-shirt. Bones is my favorite rapper.

Who’s the most played artist on your phone?
Uno the Activist. I fuck with him.

Dream collab?
Young Thug.

Anything else you would like us to know?
I got a project with Robb Bank$ dropping soon, and I’m working on my debut album right now.

What can we expect from your debut album?
I guess for people to judge me the way I want people to judge me.

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