Ben Is Back Gives A First-Person Perspective On Addiction

December 10, 2018

Sunday, December 9th

Happy Sunday. I had a pretty rough day & I’m just super glad I was able to hang with my bros later on. We got a massage at Joy Foot Spa and then hit Landmark on Pico for Ben Is Back. First off, best foot massage in LA & best movie theater in LA. They have the best popcorn & seasoning lmao. If you know, you know.

IMDB plot: A drug addicted teenage boy shows up unexpectedly at his family’s home on Christmas Eve.

We hit the 9:35pm showing which was a pretty decent turnout. I’m honestly so torn on how I feel about this film! I started off LOVING it and then had so many issues with it at the end. It stars Julia Roberts who makes her comeback to the big screen after a long stint. No idea why, but that’s the GOAT. The film touches on addiction and coming back for the holidays, something I know all too well.

I really don’t open up for anything but this film touched my heart in so many ways. It shows the first-person perspective of an addict, but also how it affects his family and friends around him. It shows how a mother can enable her child. It’s a bit surreal actually, and made me really sad. I’m currently wrapping up my last semester at USC for their Master of Social Work program, and have this very strong urge to return to the field. I always wanted to give back in some capacity or another, but how can I help someone who’s fucked up when I’m fucked up. Right?

ANYWAYS. The film is only an hour and 43 minutes which is the perfect length. The only issues I had with is it is the negative portrayal of addicts and use of drugs, but then again I realize it’s the reality. I’d 100% recommend you guys see this, and would also love to hear your thoughts on the movie.


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