Rob Vicious Explains How He Linked With Shoreline Mafia And Making “Traplantic”

January 10, 2019

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Rising rapper Rob Vicious checks in with AllHipHop.

Born and raised in West Adams, Los Angeles, Rob Vicious is a proud member of Shoreline Mafia, who’s ready to unleash his talents as a rapper and MC.

Earlier this year, the “Bands” rapper dropped his debut mixtape titled Traplantic with a documentary to match, mixing in his trap upbringing with the group’s new major label deal with Atlantic Records.

AllHipHop caught up with the 21-year-old in Los Angeles.

AllHipHop: Talk about the moment you linked with Shoreline and what it was like linking with them.

Rob Vicious: I linked with Ohgeesy and Fenix for real when I was about 16. We was just cool on some regular s##t. ‘Cause I was a kid and they were fresh 18 and fresh 21. I’m like s##t, I got some older homies that’s down to drink and and kick it with me. They hitting me whenever they need somebody ass whooped, so I’m feeling like the cool kid for real.

Probably a year before we got our deal, Ohgeesy just randomly hit me up because he seen I was still doing my music s##t since then. He was like “s##t n##ga you a part of Shoreline Mafia. If you want to drop music, you drop it through Shoreline Mafia. You good.” I’m just like “s##t, cool. f##k it.”

AllHipHop: I was watching the visual for “Traplantic.” Talk about what goes behind your visuals.

Rob Vicious: Honestly when I’m making these songs, I already be in the video when I make the song. When I made Traplantic, I just already off top: I’m in the kitchen, mothaf##kas is just weighing up dope. There’s a bitch up here just weighing up dope on some random s##t. I’m not on s##t, I’m telling them what to do. I’m in here mixing up fake K roll and s##t. I’m on bulls##t, just usual. [chuckles]

AllHipHop: Are you concerned with promoting guns and drug culture at all?

Rob Vicious: No. Because honestly, not to sound f##ked up but if I don’t do it, somebody else gon’ do it and capitalize off of it. At least I’m not… I would never go tell somebody to go kill someone. I look at just the way that I’m just speaking on music — even any artist. The way that they speaking on music talking about killing people and all that, they just getting s##t off they chest. They just killing n##gas with words instead of guns, you feel me? That’s how I look at that, I don’t really see no problem with it. Sometimes, people want to scream that s##t out when they feeling some type of way.

AllHipHop: You said you recorded hella songs in Atlanta. What producers were you tapped in without there?

Rob Vicious: C-Note, Slade Da Monsta, Chase The Money, Kid Wond3r. Ron-Ron the producer came. AceTheFace came, Go Grizzly, he hard as f##k. I can’t think of none off the bat right now, but it was a few though. We was tapped in. We were turning the f##k up on Main St., on everything.

AllHipHop: Do you have a certain producer you go to?

Rob Vicious: Right now, I’m f##king with DJ Paul. No matter fact, Kenny Beats. Let me not disrespect that man like that. My go-to producer right now is Kenny Beats. That n##ga right there, he changed my life. As far as this music s##t, I know where I’m going, thank you to Kenny. That’s my guy, I love that n##ga.

AllHipHop: What was life before the music?

Rob Vicious: Man, life was life. Life was hard. I really don’t know. If you know, you know. Life was hard though.

AllHipHop: Your next tour is actually called Off The X.

Rob Vicious: Okay so I can’t speak for everybody else, but that’s my type of tour. [laughs]

AllHipHop: On the pills?

Rob Vicious: Not on the pill, just off the X.

AllHipHop: Is that how you record?

Rob Vicious: Off ecstasy? No, I can make a hell of a song off ecstasy though. But I don’t got to be high to go to the studio. That’s the difference between me and a lot of rappers, I don’t need to be high to go to the studio. I don’t need to be high to make a good song.

AllHipHop: Top 5 LA rappers & where do you see yourself fit.

Rob Vicious: Can I pass on that question? I don’t really want to say because I might miss somebody or I might say somebody and not really mean it. I f##k with all LA rappers just off the simple fact that n##gas are doing they s##t. I’m supporting that. I wanna see everybody come up.

AllHipHop: Your whole squad is killin’ it! And good people too.

Rob Vicious: Just me personally, I’m just humble. I try to keep calm as much as I can. I like to have fun, turn up, smoke.

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