Almighty Suspect Explains How Hip-Hop And His Daughter Changed His Life

February 1, 2019

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Almighty Suspect explains how his family forced him to grow up, his tattoos and his passion for rap.

Almighty Suspect is one of the original members of this new LA wave, before Shoreline Mafia blew up.

Coming up alongside Drakeo The Ruler, FRosTYdaSnowMann, and Ralfy the Plug, the “WhereYoSafeAt” rapper is the only one who isn’t behind bars.

Now, he’s ready to take the rap game to the next level, which includes linking up with buzzing LA rappers AzChike and Blueface.

For those who need a starter, “God” and “PayForMyPresence” off his Almighty project are a great place to start.

AllHipHop caught up with the 21-year-old in the studios in North Hollywood to discuss his favorite rappers, life after jail, and how his daughter changed his life.

AllHipHop: Top 5 in general?

Almighty Suspect: Me, Chike, that’s one of the only LA rappers I’m gonna listen to riding around all day. Because once you start listening to LA rappers, it subconsciously starts saturating you. You start writing and you hear another n*gga in your head. You’re like “damn, I’m kind of sounding like so and so.” I strictly just listen to myself or people from other places. And I always show love.

AllHipHop: So who do you listen to?

Almighty Suspect: Since I’m a SoundCloud underground rapper, I always try to find new people on SoundCloud. I was listening to Gunna when he had his first mixtape with the Vlone on it, way before Young Thug came across him.

I was listening to Yachty when he had “One Night,” way before when he was the SoundCloud dude. I was listening to Lil Pump when he had the “mama told me Lil…”

All that early s##t, I was on it because I was the Soundcloud person on my phone. Before 21 Savage exploded, I was on “Dip Dip.” But top 5 now, I’ma say me, Chike, I f##k with Lil Baby, I f##k with Gunna. It’s a lot, it’s more than five. It’s too much ‘cause everybody rappin’.

AllHipHop: I like G Herbo too.

Almighty Suspect: I was growing up off G Herbo with the whole Chicago drill scene. I damn near thought I was from Chicago when that s##t came out. I was heavy in the drill scene. I still love them n##gas.

It’s so crazy because I got songs with the majority of them. Rico Recklezz, I was a huge Rico Recklezz fan. Got a song and video with Rico Recklezz.

AllHipHop: And you said you’ve never paid for a feature right?

Almighty Suspect: Never. Rico Recklezz came out here he heard who I was and we did a song. Billionaire Black and King Yella, I got songs with both of them. I was a huge drill scene fan growing up. I like JayDaYoungan too, Jaydayoungan is hard.

AllHipHop: Where’s he from?

Almighty Suspect: Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

AllHipHop: Talk about linking w/ Stupid Young & Blueface on “Slidin’.”

Almighty Suspect: The majority, Michael Crook did that. He engineered it and made the beat. Crook sent me the track with just Blueface on it. I FaceTimed Blueface and Crook just sent me the verse. He was like “hop on that.” Boom.

I sent it back and then Crook hit me 3 or 4 days later like “I got Stupid Young, he wanna get on it too. He want to get on the last verse.” I was like “hell yeah, put him on it.” Crook basically pieced that together.

AllHipHop: Speaking of “Twitter Mentions,” how important is social media for your career?

Almighty Suspect: Since I started, I never had no management. No help, no nothing. It was me and my phone. If there was no social media, there would not be no me.

The first thing I was posting my videos on was Facebook. I didn’t have Instagram followers but I had 5,000 Facebook friends. Without social media, there would be no Almighty. Social media played an extreme key factor. I got this far with my phone. That’s it. The internet changed everything.

Being on Instagram Live, everybody wanna know the person they’re listening to. Social media and iPhones made it that much easier. They can watch me all day. Everybody know I got a daughter and they know what I be doing.

AllHipHop: How are you balancing fatherhood and your career?

Almighty Suspect: It’s crazy. It’s fun though. I wanted a baby. It wasn’t like “damn, I’m finna have a baby.” Nah. When I got my baby mama pregnant, I was like “we’re having it. I’m finna have a baby.”

Because I was a f##k-up. Before I had my baby, I was a complete f##k-up. I just knew I needed something. I had nothing else to live for, it was just me. Once I had my daughter, that s##t changed everything. I haven’t touched a jail cell, nothing. A total 360, you can ask my parents. [laughs]

AllHipHop: 3 things you need in the studio?

Almighty Suspect: Weed for sure. Quiet. Coming to Pun’s studio, everybody in here going crazy, I’m not even used to that. I be the studio by myself. I like it though, it’s different. Everybody in here all damn night, it keep you up. If it’s just me, silence so I can focus. I need good ass beats. I need a good engineer.

I don’t need extra stuff. I don’t need a gang, b##ches, alcohol, etc. Yeah, I get drunk occasionally but I just need some weed, the engineer, and silence.

AllHipHop: You said you do everything on your phone, so do you write in the Notes app?

Almighty Suspect: Yeah, I write in my Notes and I be deleting my s##t on accident all the time. But for anybody who needs tips, if you delete your s##t, you can shake it. I didn’t know that. I damn near cried one day, I deleted a gas song. My n##ga Sway was like “bro, shake your phone.” I shook it and the whole thing came back.

AllHipHop: Did you have that tat on your neck?

Almighty Suspect: Hell nah, I was scared of tats for a long time. I just got these within the past two months. Let me show you I got some on my arms too. That’s my little family guy character. But It’s me though, he got the fingers with the rings and the ones. And then this my logo, Almighty Millionaires. This the first tattoo I got. This the first tattoo I ever got. Hurt like a motherf##ker. For sure, Almighty Millionaires. Then I got these two, these were like 3 months ago.

AllHipHop: Talk about your neck tat.

Almighty Suspect: Mic and then with the chains broke off, because that’s how it happened for me. I never got tattoos growing up because I didn’t want stupid s##t. I knew I was a dumbass kid.

I used to always tell myself “man, if you get some tattoos, they gonna be stupid.” I waited until I was older to think of something that I actually wanted. I always think “bro I’m gonna be an old ass man with this s##t on me.

I need s##t that people not gonna look at me crazy when I’m a grandpa going to teacher daughter conferences.” I got sensible tattoos. That’s what I think about, the future. I got to.

This is a mic with the chains broke off because as soon as I got out of jail, I started rapping. As soon as I got out of there, it took off.

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