Queen Radio Recap: Nicki Minaj Drops New Music, Talks Tyga With Soulja Boy

February 5, 2019

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The Queen is back! Returning to Beats 1 on Apple Music after a brief hiatus, Nicki Minaj begins episode 11 of Queen Radio with the disclaimer: “This is a very important show. And when I say important… this is gonna be a legendary f—ing show!”

Teasing to her more than 100 million followers, between Instagram and Twitter, just one day prior, the rapper hyped up her Barbz by revealing she would be dropping new music and having special guests — two promises she kept.

While fans waited patiently as the show began one hour behind its scheduled time, Minaj quickly made up for it by asking DJ Boof to teases a few seconds her remix of Meek Mill and Drake’s “Going Bad” off Championships.

Aptly titled “Barbie Goin Bad,” she spits, “I got more slaps than Aretha,” kindly reminding audiences that she now holds the record of most Hot 100 hits by a female artist, previously held by Aretha Franklin. She also takes this moment to remind people the fun and light-heartedness in hip-hop, without being labeled the “angry black lady.”

The new record also reveals the line, “Old boy and my brother tried to end me dog,” which has fans speculating is a light jab towards ex-boyfriend Meek Mill and Drake respectively. These might be the same fans who think the disassembled scorpion at the [1:32] mark of her latest video “Hard White” is symbolic of her fake friendship with Drizzy.

Later, Soulja Boy pops up to chat with Nicki, who ends up pressing Young Draco about his sex life. In addition, she asks for his genuine opinion on her two new records, the second being “Barbie Drip,” her remix to Lil Baby and Gunna’s “Drip Too Hard.”

Earlier in the show, Minaj revealed how much she liked the Quality Control rapper’s voice.

“I just wanna let everybody know I’m really feeling Lil Baby. Actually, my n—a put me onto Lil Baby, I have to give him props for that.”

The man she’s referring to is boyfriend Kenneth Petty, who she’s known since the age of 14. Describing it as a “different level of passion and friendship,’ she explains, “It’s a different level of nurturing. He always knows what to say to make me feel empowered. I’m happy and healthy.”

In addition, she shouts out Juice WRLD, who will be joining her on the Nicki WRLD Tour, while plugging her new perfume called Queen.

Also on the Queen Radio dial: Minaj also references Soulja’s now infamous interview on the Breakfast Club (later spoofed on SNL). Read the exchange below.

SB:I’m the hottest trapper in the game right now.
NM: Are you hotter than Tyga?
NM: You tryin to say you had a bigger comeback than Tyga?
SB: Tyga had a record. He had the record with you. I’ll give you that. But y’all label mates.
NM: We not label mates no more, we had beef at one point over “Truffle Butter.” But over time, you just realize how stupid shit is. Shout-out to Tyga. Are you the hottest rapper in the world?
SB: Not even rapper, I’m the hottest, period. Been trending, I conquered.
NM: I want to say that if I was to go on a radio station and say the things you said, I would be labeled as angry. If I said bitches copied my formula… artists are no longer themselves. I remember artists were so carefree and fun and they’d leave comments, and now everyone is politically correct. They just want to make sure they’re not getting dissed on the blogs. Thank you for saying what you want to say. It’s never time for a black woman to say what she feel. That goes to back in the day. You’re a likable guy. You always have been.

Queen Radio episodes can be heard on demand at Apple Music.

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