Andrea Denver Talks About His Italian Roots And Coming To The USA (Exclusive)

February 19, 2019

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Andrea Denver is here prove dreams really do come true. While you may recognize his face from music videos with some of music’s biggest stars such as Taylor Swift and Jennifer Lopez, the 27-year-old moved to New York from Italy to pursue a Master’s degree after obtaining his degree in Communications.

It wasn’t long before he was scouted by Wilhelmina agency, soon becoming the face of the industry’s most prestigious brands, including Hugo Boss, MAC Cosmetics, Ralph Lauren, Brooks Brothers, and many more.

Now, he’s the first influencer to be featured on Radish, a new short-form fiction platform for serialized storytelling. Trending All Day caught up with Denver to chat about his journey and what it means to be featured on the new exciting platform.

Talk about your Italian roots & how that plays into your life and career.
I have a lot of family in the US and spent most of my summers here, especially in California during my childhood. Moving here wasn’t a big change. I used to road trip with my parents and saw many different states like Ohio, Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina, Colorado, and Utah. When I decided to move here after I finished university in Italy, I already had a clear idea of life in the US.  At the same time, at some point I’ll go back to Italy. I do like it here a lot. It’s a fun place to be when you’re in your 20’s. There’s plenty of work opportunities, but I miss the European culture. When it’s time to have a family, I’d like to have it in my home country.

How did you first get into modeling?
The first time I got scouted in a supermarket in LA when I was 16. I was with my parents on vacation during the summer. I was really young and still in school, so I couldn’t do it. Then at 18, the same thing happened in Italy. I started modeling for a few months but I stopped right away because I wanted to focus on university. When I graduated, I moved to the US. Then I got scouted in Miami and gave it a real chance.

Talk about working with Radish. What was your decision to work with them in telling your story?
After being used as an “inspiring muse” for some stories and books by different writers, I decided to follow my greatest passion of all time: writing. Since my high school days, my desire was to become a journalist, but once I became a model, I didn’t have time. Last summer, I decided to relax for a couple months and dedicate myself to writing. With autobiographical traits taken from some personal experiences of the last 5 years and a little imagination — inspired in part by some of my favorite TV shows — I started writing the novel Model by Design.

The first 9 chapters are now available on Radish, a famous app where the narrative works of various authors are published in episodes. Every week for about a couple of months, I’ll publish 2 chapters. I don’t want to tell too many details because I prefer to let readers enjoy reading. The book tells the story of 2 young people, Angelo and Vivian, and the latter’s approach to the world of fashion. A world of competition, envy, and much more.

What was the best part of writing Model by Design?
I loved getting back to my initial passion of writing. To be able to use the world I live in as inspiration for a fictional story was really rewarding.

What was the hardest part?

I had so many ideas, so many experiences to draw on. It was hard to get them all into one season.

Talk about shooting the “Blank Space” visual with Taylor Swift & how that came about.
That was absolutely an amazing surprise! I still remember when I got a phone call from my agent, he told me I was booked for the video. I got super excited right away. I was thrilled to be on set with my longtime celebrity crush at the time. It was such an honor working with her.

How did you connect with Jennifer Lopez? What was it like working with her?
She’s really a great person. Nice, friendly, always joking. A pleasure to work with her. I had so much fun those 2 days shooting together. I was almost shocked at how humble and kind she is.

What is it you want fans to get from your story?
I want my fans to get a little glimpse into what it’s like to be a model, but also to understand the importance of love, family, and friendship.

How important is social media for your career?
I’m really very grateful for social media. I’m grateful to every single person who has been following me during this part of my journey the past few years. They mean a lot to me and the least I can do is always try to find time to answer their comments and interactions on my profile. At the same time, I suggest people to not spend all their time on Instagram. Don’t relate too much on what you see on social media because often, it is not the real world. While I’ve done a lot of of cool stuff and experienced beautiful memories, I prefer to keep part of my private life separate. Let’s enjoy the real life out there more than a virtual reality that sometimes is not even a reality.

Talk about being optimistic in life & how that’s opened doors for you.

Being positive and optimistic has always been the way I’ve lived my life. It’s helped make my dreams come true.

What’s your favorite influencer to follow on Instagram? 
I follow a lot of cool influencers that I’ve met during the past few years. I wouldn’t be able to just pick one. [laughs]

What’s one IG account you can’t live without?
I honestly don’t look at any other Instagram in particular. I like to scroll my feed and check the pictures of all the people I follow liking these pictures in a way of support. I follow all accounts of people that I know in person and I met trough the years. I don’t follow any celebrities other than the few I really know in person.  Sometimes I like to go through my followers accounts and liking their pictures as a sign of my appreciation towards their amazing support.

What can we expect from you next?
I never love talking about the future. I like to keep projects for me until I’m ready to make them.

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