Ar’Mon & Trey From Vine To Signing With Warner Bros! (Exclusive)

February 22, 2019

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Ar’mon & Trey are the definition of lit. If you’ve had the pleasure of being around them, you’d know their energy is 100% unmatched.

In fact, the only words they can describe themselves is “lit, young, and fun.” On top of going viral over the good old days of Vine, the brother duo now brings that same personality and talent into the studio.

The R&B crooners have signed a deal with Warner Bros., releasing vibey music that appeals to individuals of all ages all across the world. With 2.1M followers on their group IG account (and over a mil on each of their own accounts), A&T released their debut EP titled Long Story Short last year, with a fire remix of “Right Back” featuring NBA Youngboy.

Check out the written interview below and don’t miss our exclusive video above!

For those who don’t know, who is Ar’mon & Trey?

Ar’mon: We be lit! We lit.

Trey: As people will be just fun. Young. We just like to have fun.

Ar’mon: We lit, we always playing around. We always singing and somehow, that goes into the music. Because sometimes even on tracks, we be laughing in the background. We be turnt up. It’s not like we just like ‘hahaha’ in the background.

Trey: But we just have personality recording, basically.

Being a duo, what’s the dynamic between you guys?

Trey: In our songs, he brings swag. He got the sauce. Me, I bring the emotion to it.

Ar’mon: Facts only. This how I’ma describe it. You know how your food is already good, but you put hot sauce on it? That’s how we is. The noodle’s already good how it is, but then you put the hot sauce in it.

You’re from Detroit, how does that play into your life and career?

Ar’mon: Being from Detroit plays a big part because where we come from, we struggled a lot. We had to go harder in order to get out of certain places. In life, you had to go hard, so that just rode over to our music. Even when we feeling depressed, we feeling down, if nothing ain’t working out, we just looked to each other like “bro, we been down bad way worse than this.” If we gotta out of this, we can get out of this.

Talk about bringing R&B to the table.

Trey: It’s not really a lot of singing around Detroit. There’s not really a lot of singers, it’s only like a lot of rappers. Around there, people not really accepting singing/R&B. We didn’t really get known in our hometown until after we was known on a bunch of other places from social media and going viral, so it was kind of hard.

Ar’mon: You got people like Sada Baby, icewear Vezzo, a lot of people rapping out there. They really didn’t know until we actually got to blowin’ up. They were like “oh they from the city, that’s Ar’mon & Trey!”

Bring us back to the days of Vine.

Trey: Vine used to be so lit. That’s our baby. That’s our app! That’s a memory we’re going to always have.

Ar’mon: I wish we could talk to like the Vine person. “Yo, we can do something where y’all create another app and we can jump on there. Make it and reinvent it.” But Vine is where everything started, where we really got our fan base. We was grinding!

Trey: That’s the first place we first started getting traction.

Ar’mon: Finding ourselves, as far as what we wanted to do on the Internet.

Did you guys know or think you were going to go viral?

Trey: I think we knew, we just didn’t know when.

Ar’mon: Yeah, we didn’t know when. We did it to go viral. We had a purpose of doing it. We wasn’t like “oh we want to just post on the Internet.” We knew we wanted to be in this spot.

Trey: ‘Cause us, we self-motivators. We know how to motivate ourselves. It don’t matter who believing in us, we believe in ourselves. We knew “okay if we keep doing this, eventually this is what’s going to happen. We’re gonna go viral.” It took a minute. It took a long time.

Was music always there too?

Trey: Yeah, we grew up in church singing in the choir. Leading the choir since we were little kids.

Ar’mon: Bro, I can honestly say I can get up on stage right now and I would never get the same type of nervousness I got when I had to lead a choir song. I had to lead the praise team, like that was crazy to me. It’s just nerves.

Trey: I’m nervous everywhere. I’m nervous right now.

Ar’mon: I knew he was about to say that.

Trey: I am though! [laughs]

How do you guys do with shows?

Trey: Oh yeah, I’ll be nervous but we get up there…

Ar’mon: You’ll be nervous when you go in there but when you get on stage, you be like, “I’m about to make ya’ll feel some way.”

Trey: I’ll be doing moves that I can’t do off stage. When you’re on stage, you can do more!

Ar’mon: On stage, my vibrato was way more together than when I’m off stage. I guess ‘cause you be tryna show off.

Trey: When I’m at home, I’m not that good at that! I only can do them when I’m on stage.

Congrats on signing to Warner.

Ar’mon: Thank you. Shout out to Warner. We love Tom, we thank you!

Trey: I actually love this label!

Ar’mon: Me too. We just met up with Tom. He’s the president. He was on everything. The journey posting on the internet, posting on Youtube.

Trey: We just really blessed to be doing what we doing right now. Having a great engine and team now behind us. ‘Cause where we came from, no management, no studio. The reason why we were doing so many videos on the internet trying to go viral — that’s what we was doing every day — was because we didn’t have money to afford to go into the studio and record our own songs. We would write, but we couldn’t record.

Ar’mon: We also blessed to have the type of mindset that we have because a lot of times, the stuff that we’ve been through, we haven’t really talked about it. We could have been like “yo, this is too much for us.” Because we didn’t have a car, we didn’t even have money to get on the bus. But we was like “yo mama, where the piggy bank at?” Scrape enough coins on our door. Being -4 degrees and then walk a whole 2 hours to get to the studio, so we just blessed to be self-motivated and not give up.

Trey: It’s so easy to give up. Especially just steady trying to work at something and it feels like nothing is working, it’s real easy to give up. One of those reasons why we got the mindset is because we know who God is.

Can you talk about linking with NBA Youngboy on ‘Right Back’?

Trey: We actually didn’t link with NBA. We sent the song over, he liked the song, then ended up getting on it. We didn’t meet him yet. He was supposed to do the video shoot, but he ended up not being able to make it. That’s why he’s not in the video. Eventually, one day.

Can you talk about making the song?

Ar’mon: We was actually about to go pick up our mom from the airport. It was 20 minutes away. We put on the beat. “We gon’ make a song in 20 minutes,” that’s what we said. “What is something we can talk about?” It’s always common you hear about a girl getting her heart broken. Same thing, but it’s good men out here too that go through the same thing. So we just started with the melodies and all that.

What did you guys do with your first advance?

Ar’mon: We still got it. We just be chillin’. We just be relaxing.

Trey: Shout out to Youtube. We was coolin’ off Youtube.

What’s the best encounter you had with a fan?

Trey: We have so many because we just recently went on tour.

Ar’mon: Yeah! Seeing them purchasing those tickets. Meet & greets, meeting and seeing all of them. I’m like “yo, they’re buying tickets to come see me?” That’s hard. A lot of artists don’t get to that level to where they can actually have people come out and support them.

Trey: I didn’t believe it at first. I didn’t know people were gon’ come, ‘cause we never did a tour. It’s different when you can do shows here and there in different states and different cities, but when you’re going on your own tour, you gotta sell your own tickets. I’m like “we ain’t ever did this, I don’t really know what to expect.”

Ar’mon: Plus we never had a big song to make us be able to tour, but it was selling out.

How important is social media for your career?

Ar’mon: That’s what started us.

Trey: That’s what made us. I love social media. We forever going to do it.

Ar’mon: Social media is taking over with everything. They dictate what’s popping, what’s not popping. Whether you’re going to blow or not, they the reason artists are still getting paid for their music. Social media.

Trey: I love the internet. It’s got its pros and cons.

Ar’mon: Shout out Instagram, Twitter, all social media.

Who are your favorite influencers to follow?

Ar’mon: Well, now this one! I like to look at Shade Room, I like to look at Worldstar, sometimes. I really just be in our own little world with music.  Every now and then we click over there, but we really just be chilling.

Trey: Every now and then I go and watch some singing videos of other accounts. I be creeping through Instagram. Scrolling.

Ar’mon, why do you follow no one? Not even your brother!

Ar’mon: [laughs] That’s a good question. I’m with my brother every day, he already know the vibe.

Trey: Plus I don’t follow him either.

Ar’mon: I don’t know. I just didn’t. I just made the account and didn’t follow anybody. But I follow people on our group account, because I like to see what people got going on. If I want to see you, I’ll just go look on our group account. I didn’t even follow girls I talk to on that account. First person I will follow is probably Trey.

Y’all both have over a mil! How did that happen?

Trey: We just started our group account and got it to where it was…

Ar’mon: Sustainable.

Trey: Then we made our personal account. We just made our personal accounts at the end of 2017.

That’s almost crazier you were able to build it up so quickly.

Ar’mon: We got the type of fanbase who feel like they know us. “Yo Armeezy, Treezy, waddup doe!”

Trey: They call us nicknames.

Ar’mon: Artists, you walk up to them like “oh my god!” But with us it’s like “what’s up! What’s good bro? I just seen you, what’s them shoes you just bought?” They know a lot about us. I guess they want to follow all three accounts.

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