Track of the Week: Ilham’s “Never Even Know”

March 4, 2019

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Ilham is the R&B singer you obsess over with your friends before the rest of the world catches on. Hailing from New York, the singer-songwriter brings her smooth, sultry vibes and buttery voice into the studio, writing and recording about real-life experiences that anybody can relate to.

The artist, who’s of Moroccan descent, unleashed her new single “Never Even Know” at the end of February, just in time to wrap up the winter. The record sheds light on the fact that there is always someone there for other people, but when she needs support most, she somehow ends up empty-handed.

She croons, “Something don’t feel right/wish you could see right through me, wish you could read my fucking mind.”

In the track, which clocks in at 2½ minutes, Ilham pours her heart and emotions into her lyrics — with songwriting one of her strongest attributes. The bright, vibrant cover art also brings her bold personality and authenticity to the table.

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