Captain Marvel Starts With A Heartwarming Stan Lee Tribute

March 10, 2019

Saturday, March 9th

Happy Saturday. I’m so happy my friend convinced me to see Captain Marvel, it was lit. Not to ruin anything, but the Stan Lee tribute in the very beginning warmed my heart. It was a reminder to live your best life here on earth & do what you can to make an impact on this earth. ANYWAYS, we caught the 7pm showing at Regal L.A. Live which was in the huge theater in the front where they do premieres, but was low key not filled. It’s opening weekend, shouldn’t it be packed?

Thank goodness for Duncan (also for putting up with me, he knows why), he knew everything about the film. This serves as the prequel to the actual Avengers movie coming out (I think), and goes back in time. My favorite part was seeing Samuel L. Jackson 30 years younger. There were some jokes, but not as funny as DeadpoolThere’s a lot of aliens too, wasn’t expecting that.

IMDB plot: Carol Danvers becomes one of the universe’s most powerful heroes when Earth is caught in the middle of a galactic war between two alien races.

Shout out to Brie Larson, she slayed this role. Jude Law also. The movies 2 hours and 4 minutes long so you’re definitely committed. AND of course, don’t be dumb & leave when the credits come on. There’s 2 secret scenes after the movie ends. The story is pretty interesting, I definitely think it’s worth seeing. I can’t wait for Marvel Land at Disneyland. That’s gonna be nuts.

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