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James Blake Blew Away The Hollywood Palladium

March 17, 2019

Saturday, March 16th

Holy shit. I’m floored. James Blake at the Hollywood Palladium just blew my mind. First off, this is the first time in a long time I’ve actually gotten to enjoy a concert. If you heard his last album, Assume Form, then you’d already know. That shit is a whole fucking vibe.

First off, this man is beyond talented — music wise. He plays the keyboard and sings the entire show, and doesn’t even need to look at the keys sometimes. Shout out to Nechelle for being my date, we both realized we knew nothing about him. We just love the music. He’s so fire.

She said she saw him in a cathedral last time, like the actual church. The Palladium was definitely not as intimate but holy shit. This entire room was packed. I couldn’t breathe. And the staff shining their flashlights on you the entire time was not necessary, but the show was so fucking good.

He played my favorite song (& everyone’s favorite song) “Mile High” featuring Travis Scott & Metro Boomin early on in his set. This record is literally unreal. It’s so fucking good. He also played a new record that I forgot the name to, but it was all about getting better. I loved the positive message & the instrumentation as fucking nuts.

Overheard someone next to me joke if Andre 3000 was coming. He’s on the project also. James Blake even rapped at one point. Every song hit. Goodnight.

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