Ciara Performs Live During Soulcycle Class By Angela Davis

March 23, 2019

Friday, March 22nd

Hey everyone. Been slacking on this blog but last night was so worth writing about. First off, Soulcycle is no joke. Second, Ciara is bae. I was bumping her records the entire day driving over to Milk Studios, and it took down memory lane. “Goodies,” “1 2 Step,” “Oh”… so many classics. Third, Angela Davis is phenomenal.

Tonight was a special event: a SOUND by Soulcycle class to Ciara performing live. Found out Niki from 88Rising opened but being an actual rider, we had to post up backstage and come out right when Ciara did. It was honestly a movie. Shout out to Shirley for getting me a bike, I legit told them I’d only come if I could ride. Endorphins for the win. We smoked a blunt before. Game-changer.

I was trying to record & ride at the same time which was embarrassing, & I definitely sucked. Could barely keep up lmao. But holy shit, Angela Davis is a godsend. She’s a master Soulcycle instructor & my guy actually takes her class in Weho. She’s also a motivational speaker, and overall badass. I got to meet her afterwards & she’s absolutely the sweetest. Actually ran into her at Beauty & Essex afterward & she remembered me. Made my night.

The event was honestly so dope. It was professionally shot and filmed & there was a whole crowd of people to enjoy Ciara’s performance while we rode on either side. Unreal.

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