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Summer Walker Shut Down The Fonda With “Girls Need Love”

March 25, 2019

Sunday, March 23rd

If you’re not on the Summer Walker wave, your time starts now. Her name alone serves as a vibe, but her music is a whole nother level. This is R&B heaven in the most real, refreshing, genuine, relatable way possible.

First off, I fucked up. I thought it was at The Roxy and actually had Carisma meet me over there, only to find they had moved the show to The Fonda. It sold out mad early and they had to upgrade venues, slight flex. The Summer Walker movement definitely kicked into high gear when Drake got on the “Girls Need Love” remix. That shit was genius for all parties involved.

I was tight I wasted time driving to Weho though, it’s so far. I gotta pay attention a little more, is the moral of the story. Every time I open a new vape pen, I’m gone. We had just got back from a panel in Inglewood too (s/o Khrissy, and shout out to my bros for driving and hanging with me) and I really could have used those extra 30 minutes to chill. PS, we were deadass supposed to go see Us tonight, but ya girl has serious #FOMO.

I also pulled up to meet Janiyah, who is Summer’s BFF. Shout out to Juju who put me on, I actually hella fell in love with her record “Pretend.” Their friendship, their bond is just absolutely real. For Summer to bring Janiyah on tour to open for her just proves the type of individual she is. They all got on the stage after her set to twerk it out to “I Need Sum Money,” a song they freestyled one night.

Anyways. We were in the pit but to see this popular Hollywood venue packed out, for this little chick from Atlanta who’s ratchet and has no problem being herself — this is what it’s all for. This is what they work so hard for, for moments like this on tour. Fans in the crowd knew every word to every song, and were singing it back to her. So beautiful.

She rocked the stage in her blue hair, swagged outfit, and owned that chair while serenading that mic. Her first big moment was with “CPR,” a song my intern actually told me about. Brazy, it had just come out before last summer. Off the bat, Summer told everyone she struggled with anxiety and that she’s goofy. Anyone who follows her on socials will know, she keeps it as real as it gets. She performed with the guitar at one point too, to “Session 32.” Beautiful.

The lighting was dark and intimate. Everyone geeked when she did “Talk Yo Shit.” Of course, “Girls Need Love” was the grand finale. I think a very small part of us was anticipating Drizzy popping up, but he was prob at Delilah or something lmao. The end was the best when Janiyah got on stage with Summer and their girls started twerking to their record. It was a party.

Shout out to all of LVRN in the building. Dreezy, Wale, Boogie, Ryan Destiny, Keith Powers, DRAM, and prob a bunch more were there too.

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