King Imprint’s Favorite Person To Follow Was 6ix9ine

April 15, 2019

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King Imprint is here to turn up your life, one video and one song at a time.

With 934K followers on Instagram and 1.3M subscribers on Youtube, the Atlanta rapper, dancer, and entertainer is here to prove he can do it all.

It was his first single “Benny Whip” hit a million views in a week AllHipHop caught up with Benny in Los Angeles about his favorite artists, residing in Atlanta, and editing his own videos.

AllHipHop: How would you describe your sound?

King Imprint: Authentic and different. I would give it its own lane. It’s becoming its own thing.

AllHipHop: You’re from Democratic Republic of Congo, how does that play into your life and career?

King Imprint: That plays a good part. Sometimes, I wear my flag. I have a lot of supporters that always email me or DM me saying “man, you’re really putting on for us.”

AllHipHop: Talk about being from Africa.

King Imprint: I been there for 3 years, I was born there. After I left, I came straight to America. I lived in New York, Connecticut, then down to Georgia. I been living there my whole life. My family was moving, changing jobs, stuff like that. Just better opportunities in the long run. Now I’m in Atlanta.

AllHipHop: Talk about being based in Atlanta, all my favorite artists are there.

King Imprint: A-town is really chill. Where you come from and where you stay, it builds you. It builds character. I grew up around people who do a lot of music, so it flows with what I do. It helps keep me on track. There’s a lot of people that do what I do (music). Lil Baby, bruh he’s rockin’. Watch when we collaborate soon, it’s over with.

AllHipHop: Does he know about you?

King Imprint: Yeah, I could have sworn he gave me a cool shout out. I forgot where, but I like to go to different video shoots. QC always has their whole gang with them. I been in Lil Yachty music video before, Gucci Mane video, Young Thug video. I just don’t say it, it just happens.

AllHipHop: What was the inspiration behind your name?

King Imprint: King Imprint, I just want to leave an impression. It means to leave a mark. And I like royalty and shiny things.

AllHipHop: On “African Boi,” you say “you’re more than just a dancer.” Talk about that line.

King Imprint: It’s just a good line, a lot of people take notice. It says “my momma says get your bands up, go and get your bands up / Go and be a leader because you’re more than just a dancer / Life is just a lesson you just gotta find the answer.” [snaps] I feel like I’m a genius. The lyrics plain out say it — today’s society, people are stuck in one box sometimes.

They find themselves in one avenue and not spreading their talents. If you have more than one talent, go spread it. Go do it. Don’t be just one thing. Don’t let nobody label you as one thing.

AllHipHop: You recently did a dance for Lil Keed’s “Nameless.” How do you pick which artists to cover?

King Imprint: I just kind of see who’s hot at the moment and trending. Like DaBaby right now, trending. I’m messing with him.

AllHipHop: I love his DaBaby’s album.

King Imprint: The thing is, before he was what he is right now, I was listening to him probably 7 months back. It’s crazy to see what he’s doing now. It’s inspiration, shout out DaBaby.

AllHipHop: When he was rocking the diaper?

King Imprint: Yeah! He lost some supporters from that. I don’t know if there was a whole scandal from that, but he got it right back.

AllHipHop: You’re almost at a mil on IG! What you gon’ do to celebrate?

King Imprint: Shoot, I might buy a horse. [laughs]

AllHipHop: How did you grow your following?

King Imprint: I don’t know how, I just been growing naturally. Staying true to myself, just being me. I don’t try to be nobody else. I’m goofy sometimes, I like to spread my art. I gotta thank my supporters, for real. Ya’ll been there from the thick and thin, no cap. Ya’ll been there since “Lean and Dab,” since the “Last Day of School” video. I mess with y’all. Shout out to all the new supporters too.

AllHipHop: Since you have to be lit all the time, are you ever not in the mood?

King Imprint: I’m not going to lie, there be times where I might have just ate. Someone’s like “let’s do a video,” and I’m like “ehhhhh, nah.” But for the most part, I’m on the go.

AllHipHop: Are you sober?

King Imprint: Yeah.

AllHipHop: What’s a normal day in the life? Walk us through.

King Imprint: Wake up, check the Gram.

AllHipHop: No break!

King Imprint: [laughs] I know, it’s sad right? I’m not too heavy on TV, I just stick to my phone. I always have my phone on me. If not, it’s charging. Eat breakfast, I like to have hotcakes from McDonalds. I mess with ramen noodles too. I like to brush my teeth. I get straight to editing, no cap.

AllHipHop: You edit all your own s##t?

King Imprint: I edit 99% of my stuff. If I ever have to send off for special effects, I’ll find someone to hit up and get it right back. Other than that, the edits be on point. I just be learning, I like to learn new things. I sleep sometimes here and there. I don’t be sleeping like I used to ‘cause I been grinding. I have to be on the go but when I do, I be knocked out. I like to make music.

AllHipHop: How often were you checking when Instagram was down?

King Imprint: Look now, every 10 minutes. [laughs] We were trying to message all these influencers, trying to do collabs, it was the worst time to happen. Omg. When we were trying to get video people, communication was tough. But other than that, it wasn’t too bad. I survived.

AllHipHop: Who’s your favorite person to follow?

King Imprint: Man, it used to be 6ix9ine.

AllHipHop: What happened, he went to jail?

King Imprint: Yeah he’s gone. He was a fool! But now, Cardi B.

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