Nimic Reveals How She Got Signed To Def Jam’s Undisputed Album

April 29, 2019

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The rising star explains the AWLORN Gang, working with Def Jam and more.

Nimic is here to bless the rap game with her own swag and sound. Fusing the sounds of trap, hip-hop, R&B, and many more, the Minnesota-raised recording artist has found music to be her calling in life. Growing up as a kid, that was more than her therapy — it was all she knew.

AWLORN stands for A Whole Lot Of Revenue, which is exactly what her latest single “AWLORN Gang” stands for. AllHipHop caught up with the Def Jam Undisputed signee at The Basement in Los Angeles to chat about her journey to the label, calling Minnesota home, and wanting to produce.

AllHipHop: Congrats on Def Jam! How has that journey been?

Nimic: It’s actually out of f##king nowhere. I had a lot of f##king labels asking me what do I want. 300, a lot of people. But none of them fit me. I kept thinking about the genre of music. I want something where it was birthed at, where I can create something new. Because all that’s came out of here is Justin Bieber, Jay-Z, all the greats. Basically, this crazy guy named Dro hit my line on Instagram.

AllHipHop: That’s the homie! He found you?

Nimic: Yup. He was picking up some weed and heard somebody playing it on their YouTube. [laughs] He reached out and flew me out to NY. It was a 3-day process. It felt like Mortal Kombat. I went in there, it was the f##king A&R table. Got on that b##ch, started performing for them. After that, it was vice president. Performed for him. Slight break. Next morning, Paul Rosenberg. It was a lot of s##t. The whole experience, hearing the ‘yes’ and all positives vibes I was getting, I just knew it was for me.

AllHipHop: How would you describe your sound?

Nimic: I can’t really put in a box. I don’t really want to. I literally try to create s##t different every time because I refuse to let it be boxed in.

AllHipHop: Is Nimic your real name?

Nimic: No, I don’t give out my real name.

AllHipHop: How’d you get Nimic?

Nimic: Because one of my nicknames was Mimi. When I was rapping, I named myself Nimic because I could basically do anything my favorite artist could do. If I heard him hit a certain note, I could hit that b##ch. Mixing different flows and melodies, I could learn a lot of crazy s##t. My sound now, I can’t describe it. Anybody I ever asked, they can’t really describe it either.

AllHipHop: Did your parents trip when you got the Revenue tattoo on your face?

Nimic: Nah, I’ve been getting tattoos since I was 13. At first yeah, but I hid that b##ch for a good 2 months. I always wore a long sleeve shirt. They were like “why you always wearing sweaters when it’s 70º outside?” I used to act like that’s just how I was. But one day we went swimming and I forgot it was there.

AllHipHop: What are some goals yourself as an artist at this point of your career?

Nimic: Just to be the best version of myself. That’s I think about: what can I change today to make me better than yesterday?

AllHipHop: What’s a normal day in the life? Walk us through.

Nimic: Introverted, I sit in the house all day. Sit on my laptop, watch YouTube videos on how I can do certain things. I’m tryna learn how to engineer and produce. I never learned and feel like that’s something that I’m missing from my artistry. I need to learn how to engineer. I wanna do it so bad. Crazy thing is that I finally made my first beat. It sounds really good actually. I wouldn’t rap to it, but it’s just s##t that be in my head. That what I found out what beats were. When a rapper sings on beats and you got those melodies, you can make your make your own beats using those melodies you got in your head. I be trying to find cheat codes and s##t.

AllHipHop: Do you drink?

Nimic: Not really man, I’m a smoker. I take a one sip of Henny and I’m good.

AllHipHop: Do you smoke before you perform?

Nimic: Yes I do. It’s hard to admit that, but yes I do.

AllHipHop: What did you do with your first advance?

Nimic: I really haven’t even touched it. I actually put some up in this business account just to make sure that when I go out of town and s##t, I have extra security. I did dabble in it to grab some shoes and s##t, but that’s about it. I’ve just been waiting till the middle of the year when I watch all this s##t evolve. How s##t been happening lately… yeah.

AllHipHop: How is the hometown vibe?

Nimic: It’s actually really good. As introverted as it is, if you know people down there, then it’s not. You can find something to do. But if one of you people come from out of LA come to Minnesota, ain’t nobody walking outside or nothing. But a lot of people out there, I can’t walk nowhere without being known. Everybody know who I am down there.

AllHipHop: Anything you wanna let us know?

Nimic: AWLORN mixtape coming out May 24th. A whole lot of revenue now, whole lot of gang s##t. A whole lot of Backwoods smoking in the background.

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