‘Little’ starring Issa Rae, Regina Hall & Marsai Martin was adorable

May 6, 2019

Sunday, May 5th

Happy Cinco De Mayo! When I used to drink, Cinco De Drinko was my shit. Good times. Now I’m sober as hell & I can’t even smoke because of my dental procedure yday. Couldn’t sleep either 🙁 But honestly, I’m lit off life. Just got home from Victoria Monet‘s birthday at Los Globos & it was honestly the most fun I had a minute. EVERYONE was dancing. I fucking love seeing that. It’s so rare in LA.

Right beforehand though, I went to the movies with my bros. Shout out to them for going with me to see Little! I covered the red carpet premiere in Westwood & didn’t get to stay for the screening. (Ain’t that some shit). I interviewed JD McCrary on the carpet though & he was so cute in the film. He’s going to be in the upcoming Lion King film.

First off, how can you hate on Issa Rae?  She’s the star of Insecure but also just an incredible human being. Regina Hall killed it per usual, and Marsai Martin from Blackish is my fav. Shout out to my bros for mobbing, it was super last minute. This is definitely my type of chick flick, the jokes were endless. We hit the 8:30pm showing at AMC Atlantic 14 where I definitely saw Long Shot last night. May have found my new favorite theater.

IMDB plot: A woman is transformed into her younger self at a point in her life when the pressures of adulthood become too much to bear.

Pretty much think Freaky Friday, but black girl magic. It was honestly pure entertainment. The film was an hour 49 minutes & it coulda been shorter IMO, but still solid. Crazy part is I ran into Luke James at Vic’s bday, he has a great scene in the movie. A hot scene lmao. Fucking small world.

I feel like Little is only playing in select theaters, but I’d say wait for Netflix. Long Shot was way better.

Also met Ariana Grande tonight & she was super shy. It was cute. That’s Vic’s bestie. My heart is full.

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