Slidin’ Thru: Yoko Twazy & Zero

June 5, 2019

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Yoko Twazy and Zero are the dynamic duo, ready to take this rap game by storm at any given moment. While they both are artists in their own right, they recently conjoined to unleash a 5-track EP titled Kismet. From the project comes standout single “Heartbeat,” laced with all the emotions stemming from life, love, lust, and all the in between. Read more…

Zero’s sound is a fusion of many genres, as well as an outlet for life experiences. On the flip side, Yoko is simply the turn up king. The rap rockstar if you will. Both are signed to Trustory Entertainment and here to make an impact on all those who tune in. In his words: “if you don’t got a true story to tell, you ain’t got a story to tell — ‘cause you lying.”

For those who don’t know, who is Yoko Twazy & Zero?
Zero: Zero’s almost this alien shadow self of me, but really my true self at the core. She’s this being that’s very light but also kind of dark. She’s got so many layers. 
Yoko: Yoko Twazy! Turn up man. I’m a turn up god, anime demon. Rockstar shit. Anything you put in front of me, I’m gon’ smash the beat. 
Zero: Facts, he’s really good at freestyling.

Yoko, talk about being from Atlanta. 
Yoko: Shit, Atlanta’s cool. I linked up with Waka down there, cool people. I was on Love & Hip Hop ATL Season 7, Episode 3, 6 and 8. We lit. It’s different because I don’t follow the wave of Atlanta. Atlanta got the little wave of trappin’, it’s not me at all. I’m on some positive vibe, turn up shit. Jump in the crowd, “let’s get fucked up!” That’s my energy. 
Zero: He’s also sober, he doesn’t do anything. 
Yoko: Big facts.

Zero, talk about Virginia and moving to LA 7.5 years ago.
Zero: Virginia was horrible for me growing up, but I’m also very grateful. If I hadn’t gone through those experiences, it wouldn’t have shaped me into the person I am today. I was writing poems and songs when I was a kid. I look back at those things and Virginia really helped me. There were a lot of really big singers from where I grew up: Missy Elliott, Pharrell. Pharrell’s mom was my librarian actually. Thank God for Mrs. Williams. I got bullied and would sit in the library. I read, studied, ended up skipping 2 grades because of her. It’s a pretty place, very beautiful. But I just moved to Silverlake. I fucking love it so much.

How important is it to come to LA as an up and coming artist? 
Zero: What’s most important is to follow your instinct. When I first came here, I had a horrible experience. I didn’t want to come back. I always had this theory these demons are gonna try to knock me off my path, but I’m not gonna let them win. I’m gonna conquer. I’m like “I need to go and find out why these demons are trying to keep me from my destiny out here.” I forced myself to come. I’m so glad I did ‘cause I learned so much. I wouldn’t know any of the people I have in my life.
Yoko: LA’s lit. I’m not gonna lie, I like LA. Ever since I’ve been down here, it’s been takeoff season. Takeoff, takeoff, takeoff: studio, interviews, and shows back to back to back. It’s awesome because you really get to live the life you want to live. Put out that official good music. With that being said, Trustory forever.

What was the inspiration behind your name?
Zero: For me, I never identified with my birth name for different reasons. Zero doesn’t mean the number 0. Zero actually has quite a few different hidden meanings. I don’t want to tell anyone too much, I’m hoping the fans will figure it out. I’m gonna leave it open-ended.
Yoko: Yoko is a walking, living, breathing anime. Cartoon vibes 24/7. Twazy is my way of saying crazy, but Twazy is a whole nother crazy. Stupid lit!

At what point did you realize this music thing was forreal? 
Zero: I always knew at a really young age I was destined for greatness. I was destined to do really big things on a big level, and to have a voice and a platform. I didn’t know exactly where. I started out modeling and acting, but one day I realized I was good enough to do music. Deep down, that’s my biggest passion and what made me the happiest. I knew I needed to really push for this, not waste any more time and just go for it. I’m 26. 
Yoko: My older brother had me doing music at the age of 5. I was always practicing, but it really didn’t hit me hard until the death of my mother. I lost my mom when I was 19 to domestic violence. That’s when I really took this music thing to another level. Instead of being a murderer, a robber, a killer, in jail, do drugs — why not take it to another energy that I love to do?

Talk about coming together on “Heartbeat.”
Zero: It’s interesting because Yoko and I have different struggles, but we relate on so many different levels. As far as being anime characters, being crazy, how we look — when we met, we both had blue hair. It was really great to meet him. We work and write so well together. He brings a level that I lack, I bring a level that he lacks. Together we’re teaching each other and both growing. To have that partnership with another artist is really hard, it’s really amazing.

I feel like the song almost has this Juice WLRD type vibe.
Zero: I agree we have that in a weird way, but ours is different. If I could describe it, think Die Antwoord meets Black Eyed Peas. It’s definitely a mix of 2 different sounds. We’re really eccentric, really crazy. You’re gonna see a lot of crazy costumes, a lot of cool performances.

What’s the dynamic in the studio?
Yoko: It’s lit as fuck, clearly. It gets stressful sometimes.
Zero: Sometimes yeah ‘cause we’re like brother and sister. I’m saying this with love, he actually tries to teach me and help me. But if I try to teach and help him, he uses the whole “I’m older than you.” But then he’ll be like “oh I kinda fuck with that, alright I’ll try it.” He’ll give it a shot and it’s good.
Yoko: [laughs]
Zero: Same thing with me, he wanted me to try a rap out. I was so nervous ‘cause I had to say “bitch”. He’s like “come on shawty, do it!” I’m like “bitch!” It was amazing, so much fun. I wanted to do it again. The dynamic’s great. We feed off each other, help each other grow. We both wanna achieve so much. We want to make a difference in the world.

What’s it like recording with someone else versus alone?
Zero: It’s actually been really fucking great with him. I’ve tried to record with other artists before and didn’t like it. We butted heads ‘cause I’m fucking weird. I’m crazy and totally acknowledge that. Even how I write and record, sometimes I have to sit and crouch in this dragon pose. I’m hearing it and really thinking, dissecting the song. Or I’m in a mode like “let’s just loop it, I don’t wanna do this.” The guy doesn’t understand but Yoko’s able to understand. He’ll be like “this is what she’s saying, she wants you to do this.” Having someone there to hype you up, support you, be like “hey you should do this!” There’s nothing wrong with taking someone’s advice.

What are some goals yourself as an artist at this point of your career?
Yoko: My main thing is I’m trying to reach out to all the fans. Everybody with good music, it’s not bad to express yourself. However you want to do your music, do your music. Don’t let these haters drag you down because you are fucking somebody. I have people texting me, messaging me on IG saying “yo I know I’m nobody, but I just wanna tell you you’re awesome and I fuck with your music.” I literally message them with voice command: “bro look, you are somebody! You are important. Go for your goals, do what the fuck you want to do.” That made their day, and it made my day.

Zero: We really are the same person. I have girls writing to me on IG talking about being overweight, having acne problems. I know I’m really skinny and tiny. Looking at me, you wouldn’t think I had any weight problem growing up, but I actually did. I had a really hard time gaining weight, I struggled with acne. I had glasses and braces. I had a gay mom everyone hated. No one liked me. I was not a cute kid, I wasn’t attractive for a minute. So many of them were shocked I wrote back a novel of advice for skincare, the products I use, working out. Go get a bicycle, go play on a trampoline. Don’t care about what anyone says about your curves, you’re gonna be cuter when you’re older. It’s gonna turn into a cute butt. 
Yoko: Back to the domestic violence, mostly I do this for them too. My mother didn’t make it. It’s really a deep story, I won’t get into it because I don’t like talking about it. It’s fucked up. I just wanna reach out to the kids because everything they see growing up, they’re gonna fucking remember. They’re gonna do that shit. Just know you got somebody out there that doesn’t support that violence shit. If any n*gga hit a female, you a bitch. That’s exactly how I feel, real shit. 
Zero: I was really inspired by Nipsey and his message. That’s something I always wanted to put out from the beginning. I have a big message I want to tell the world because I was abused by my father. My mom was a drug addict. I had a really rough childhood. The school system, the town I grew up in was fucking horrible. The way they treated me, I had kids throwing scissors at my head. Kids beating me up on the school bus, teachers saying “if your mom wasn’t a faggot, you wouldn’t have these problems.” No one was doing anything. No one cared about this 10-year-old kid getting abused by an entire town, it’s crazy to me.

I have this message of bullying, I want to make sure kids aren’t going through that. I want to make sure they have a source and outlet to express themselves in a creative way, not in a way they become emo and depressed. For me, I’d go write. That was a way for me to get all those feelings and pain out.

3 things you need in the studio?
Zero: Weed. I love to have candy. I know it sounds bad, but I love sour candy. I like to have my dog there 99.9% of the time. my dog Mochi, weed and candy. 
Yoko: Good vibes. A good engineer. I don’t smoke or nothin’ so definitely good vibes. Great energy. Forreal, that’s what it’s about.

What would you be doing if you weren’t doing music?
Zero: Acting and film. 
Yoko: I’d be doing tattoos. I did all these that you see [points to tats].

What’s your favorite tattoo? 
Yoko: My favorite tattoo is my mom. My homie in New York did this one.

Who is your favorite person to follow on Instagram? 
Zero: Cardi B. I love me some Cardi! That’s my girl.
Yoko: I’m not even gonna flex, I don’t have a favorite person to follow on IG. I fuck with everybody. Until they fuck me over, then it’s “fuck you bitch!” [laughs] That’s how I feel.

Who’s the most played artist on your phone?
Zero: Currently it’s Nipsey. After that, it’d be Lizzo. I’m obsessed with her. “Boys.” I love all her songs, she’s amazing. She’s so cute.
Yoko: I listen to a lot of Tupac. I listen to a lot of XXXTentacion.

Dream collab?
Zero: I have a lot. Cardi B, The Blossoms, Jack White obviously. David Bowie, Freddie Mercury if they’re still alive. John Mayer. Miguel please, our voices would be butter. Also, Missy Elliott and Pharrell because we’re all from Virginia. Madonna, Britney, Christina, all of them! I have to do one with Cher because my acting coach thinks I look like Cher. I love Cher. 
Yoko: Whoever God put in front of me, I’m with it. 
Zero: Damn Yoko with these answers. 
Yoko: It’s my personality. I’m very cool. I’m humble as fuck, but I’m not a groupie. My energy on stage or in the studio, that other person comes out of me. I’m not speaking on no Illuminati bullshit, I know what people are thinking. I have a whole other world to myself, I turn into a demon.

Anything else you want to let us know?
Zero: We have a bunch of songs and collabs coming out. We’re basically the next big thing! We love you guys.

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