June 17, 2019

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Channel Tres hails from Compton but brings sounds from all over the States. Known for his out-of-box style, the singer/songwriter creates upbeat records laced with silky, smooth production — and a West Coast flare. Now, he prepares fans for his forthcoming EP Black Moses, with lead single “Sexy Black Timberlake.”

Inspired by Dr. Dre’s classic album The Chronic, the song blends deep house, West Coast hip-hop and Channel’s signature baritone. The approximate four-minute record is paired with a fire visual to match, which sees Channel Tres performing the record in various vibrant scenes. The twist comes in the form of female hands grabbing him and his body from each and every direction.

This visual brings to life his first-person experiences of being objectified for the color of his skin. This is not only relatable, but a feel-good record to allow others to confide and express themselves. Stay for the end where he shouts out all the different areas of Los Angeles, from Watts to Inglewood to South Central!


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