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Nav Sells Out The Hollywood Palladium & Fans Knew Every Word

June 29, 2019

Friday, June 28th

Tap, tap, tap, tap, tap. *Nav voice* I’m a fan. Tonight, the XO artist sold out The Hollywood Palladium, which holds 5,000+. That’s a lot. When I pulled up in the area around 7:30pm, there was already a HUGE line of kids wrapped around the block and around the corner. Looked up and saw the black and white letters of NAV’s name, with “SOLD OUT” in red. It wasn’t until I was inside and looking out into the crowd that I realized, holy shit. Nav got fans.

Rewind back to my day. After work, I went to a workout class at Set & Flow Yoga, showered, went to a birthday toast, then walked to the Palladium. Was supposed to do a social interview with Killy who opened for him, and that was the biggest waste of time. He literally looked at me and said he was drunk. Bye. Anyways, hella new albums dropped this week (Mustard, Chris Brown, Daniel Caesar, etc.) — but I was bumping Bad Habits by Nav, Deluxe Edition all day.

I recently got to sit with him for Variety. Loved being able to chat with him about working w/ Uzi & Gunna & also being Punjabi. He literally has these kids who are the same race looking up to him, it’s beautiful. This is the Bad Habits Tour, named after his last album. The project is straight flames. Home to “Tap” ft. Meek Mill, “Price On My Head” ft. The Weeknd, “Tussin” ft. Young Thug. I was honestly a fan of Nav since Day 1. Something about his sound. It’s so unique and slaps so hard.

Shout out to my girl Cherise for being my date, we ended up on the side of the stage. Was hella hopeful and anticipating surprise guests, like The Weeknd, Meek… Thugger. Someone told me Thug was here, but I didn’t see him. He did bring out TRAV for their song “Called It,” which definitely slaps. All his songs slap. Period. PnB Rock was there w/ his girl, I said hi. He’s so talented.

Nav opened the show with “To My Grave,” which is the intro song to Bad Habits. This song is so damn catchy. “I got secrets that I’m takin’ to my grave!” He then had the crowd chant “free Uzi!” and proceeded to play “Wanted You.” Fans knew every word to every song. It was nuts. Fuck all the industry and internet shit, any artist who can sell out a venue is doing something right.

“biebs in the trap” from La Flame’s first album (lowercase on purpose) went absolutely crazy too. Next he shouted out Lil Durk who’s still locked up. and played “OK.” Next he brought out TRAV, then did “Champion.” The crowd ate it up, I was so here for it. He then called XO to the stage. Idk why I wanted The Weekend to come out so bad. My homegirl had a good point though, we wouldn’t be on stage if he was here. Lmao.

Belly came out next. I’m actually a huge fan of Belly, was bumping him when he was nobody. Haven’t been as much of a fan of his new stuff, it became mainstream to me. BUT he had the bars on lock. They did “Maintain” together.

Nav asked everyone to get out their camera phones for “Myself.” One fan threw a shirt and sharpie at him, and he signed in on stage. So cute. He kept asking us “Do ya’ll wanna go home or not?!” He closed out with “Taking Chances,” “Habits,” and of course, “Tap.” He walked off before Meek’s verse played, which I thought was lame lmao. That’s the best part.

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