‘Rocketman’ Portrays Elton John w/ 28 Years of Sobriety

July 4, 2019

Wednesday, July 3rd

Happy pre-4th of July. Every year, I fuck up and forget to make plans over the holidays. So here I am, stuck in LA. 🙁 At least I get to catch up on movies. Tonight, I went to see Rocketman, which is the Elton John biopic. Holy shit. That’s all I have to say. I had no idea about this man’s story, & the film did an incredible job portraying the reality of what he went through.

Shout out to Victoria (& her roomie) for coming w/ me! We hit the 7:50pm showing at AMC Burbank Town Center 6, the smaller theater of the 3 Burbank AMC’s. It was a full theater, we had to take the very front row. Had our own reclining seat & bucket of popcorn — is it pathetic this is my happy place?

IMDB plot: A musical fantasy about the fantastical human story of Elton John‘s breakthrough years.

Translation: this is a biopic of Elton John’s musical career from 5 years old when he first played the piano in his household to becoming the gigantic pop star he is. In all honesty, I’m speechless. Half the reason I wanted to see this was because I knew nothing about this man’s history. I just knew how talented and well-respected he was. The movie also got 89% on Rotten Tomatoes, which is hella high.

Elton is played by actor Taron Egerton, who absolutely nails it. I hope he gets an Emmy or whatever it is actors get. He was phenomenal. The movie itself opens with Elton entering an AA meeting in the most extravagant, extra outfit. From his struggles with substance abuse to sex to opening up about his homosexuality, the movie is 2 hours full of endless emotions and feelings. It also showcased his broken home, & driving his parents to divorce.

Honestly, it spoke volumes to me. Being an addict & having my own personal battle w/ my family, it really showed me that recovery is possible. Forgiveness is possible. Happiness is possible.

The credits ended with the disclaimer that he’s 28 years sober, & that warmed my heart completely. Shout out to Elton. I hella recommend this to EVERYONE to go see.

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