‘Annabelle Comes Home’ Was… Alright

July 7, 2019

Saturday, July 5th

Happy Saturday. I can’t wait until this weekend is over. The holidays are so miserable for me, at least when I’m stuck in LA. Tonight marks my 4th movie in a row lmao I literally have no life. This is the 28-year-old me doesn’t party anymore, and literally just works & goes to movies. This is also why I’m single.

Following last night’s mindfuck of Midsommar, came right back to AMC Burbank 16 to see Anabelle Comes Home. At this point, it’s just a matter of something I haven’t seen. Shout out to my Noor, it was date night. We caught the 8:30pm showing which was jampacked, we were in the second row. Honestly though, sometimes it’s more about the person you go to the movies w/ than the actual movie itself. We got to catch up after & she made me feel better (thank you mom).

I hate dolls. A lot. They freak me out. This movie got fairly good reviews, like 71%. That’s pretty good for a horror movie. They’re usually hella cheesy or hella scary. This was more on the scary side, but it was also a whole lot of dead air. You’re in suspense for the majority of the film, but it doesn’t really get active until the end. I was covering my eyes for days until I realized nothing was happening lmao. The film is an hour and 46 minutes so totally doable, but def was waiting for shit to pop off.

IMDB plot: While babysitting the daughter of Ed and Lorraine Warren, a teenager and her friend unknowingly awaken an evil spirit trapped in a doll.

This is the prequel to the actual Anabelle movie from 2014 I believe. It just trips me out that it’s based on a real story… RIP to Lorrain Warren who passed away this year. Her & her husband were paranormal investigators… *shivers* Are ghosts real??? Who the fuck knows. Life is weird. Idk what to think anymore.

This film was entertaining, but not worth going if you’re paying. I just signed up for A-List with AMC Stubs & barely got in ’cause they needed my brother’s ID. Def wasn’t about to take the L though.

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