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July 8, 2019

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Steven G is the newest face out of the Crenshaw district in Los Angeles. The songwriter, singer, and rapper blew up after doing Mozzy’s “Sleep Walkin” challenge, which gained him thousands of followers on Instagram almost instantly. Most recently, he unleashed his new project ShowGreat3, which hails standout single “Super Villian.” He spits, “It ain’t safe, I’m on the beat look who drops in!” Read more..

In addition to his dedication to the music, Steven G is a father to a 3-year-old baby girl — who is his biggest motivation. His sound embodies the fundamentals of what hip-hop was birthed on: hard-hitting bars with storytelling in his lyrics. It’s his distinct R&B melodies that add the Steven G signature touch.

Why should people fuck w/ you?
Because a n*gga got energy. I fuck with everybody. I’m a people person. Not really a people person, but somewhat of a people person. I don’t like everybody but as long as you cool, you can come around.

How would you describe your sound?
Unique. I got my own lane. I got my own bubble in music. Shit, I don’t feel like it’s for me to describe. That’s for my fans to describe. Because I can tell you whatever about myself, but that don’t mean it’s true. It’s not me that makes my music go, it’s the fans.

Talk about being from Crenshaw. What’d you see growing up?
Growing up in the Crenshaw District, I saw hustlers, entrepreneurs, people trying to make something out of nothing. Hood shit, ain’t nothing to really say. We didn’t have shit, that’s all we know. Crenshaw will forever be the heart of LA.

What artists did you grow up listening to?
I grew up listening to R&B for the most part. The Dream, Nipsey, Drake — that’s where I get my melodic flow/melodies. Listening to those 3 people will give you a perfect balance of rap & R&B.

Being so close to Nipsey’s hood, did you know him?
I did know him, we had a couple interactions. I’ll tell more of this story in the future. Close friends of his who knew me introduced us. On site, he told me whatever I need, he got me. I’ll never forget that. Long live Nipsey Hussle.

What was Nip’s influence on your life/career?
Nip’s influence on my life was huge. He showed me I could do exactly what I set my mind out to do. He taught me ownership, loyalty, and commitment. He was committed to our neighborhood. One day, I wanna help build my community the same way he did.

At what point did you realize this music was for real?
Once a few of my songs and videos went viral, I knew this shit was real. It’s a lot of talented to people out here. For the people to embrace me the way they do, it’s super special to me. I’m grateful.

What’s the inspiration behind your name?
My real name is Steven Goff. I use to go by a nickname, but what’s more original than being exactly who you were born to be?!

What was your mindstate creating “Super Villian”?
“Super Villain” was a record I made when I was frustrated about something that was going on. I felt I had to be the one to address them. I had to realize everyone doesn’t wanna see you win, so I told myself I’ll turn all this negative energy into a positive.

Have they heard the record?
Of course, they ain’t have no choice. Absolutely.

Best memory shooting the visual?
Best memory was rolling through the Crenshaw District filming in all the landmarks that mean so much to us Crenshaw kids. Filming at Crenshaw High School, all the kids going crazy. Also seeing all the people in my hood showing love as they drove up Slauson and saw me shooting the visual. Much love to the district.

What can expect from your album ShowGreat 3?
Great things. Great, great, things. Every song on there is different. It’s 8 different songs from top to bottom. I even put in my mindstate with some of the songs: they’re gonna play this at Forever 21. Seriously. I do shit like that: “they’re gonna play this here.” I’ma do this is for this type of shit.

Why’d you decide to put no features?
‘Cause n*ggas don’t wanna tap in. [laughs] What goes around comes around. When my time comes around, don’t ask for no features from me either.

How does this top ShowGreat 2?
The whole movement we did with it, working with it, everything is all different. We finally mixed and mastered everything for the first time. Really spent over a 100 hours in the studio for sure, maybe even past that. I was so tired being in the studio mixing this shit. I was tired of seeing my engineer. I was tired of seeing these n*ggas [points to friends]. The sound is different too. ShowGreat 2 is all the same low key, a little bit. Everything’s just different. From top to bottom, it really feels better.

What is it you want fans to get from your story?
Not the typical “a n*gga came from nothing.” That’s like everybody’s story. In a nutshell: believe in yourself. You never know what life brings you. Whatever it is you want to do, put your mind to it. Don’t give a fuck what nobody say. A lot of people told me that my music was too R&B, I don’t rap enough. Fuck them. Do your shit for you, and that shit will fall in line. Straight up.

Biggest lesson learned in fatherhood?
It’s a lot of responsibility. You got to be a role model. You gotta do the right thing. It’s everyday shit. When you got your kids, it’s you. You picture that as you. It’s a lot that comes with that, I can talk on and on. It’s a lot with having a kid.

Does she know daddy is a rapper?
Yeah she knows. She tells everybody that. [laughs] “My daddy’s Steven G!”

Talk about touring alongside Azjah.
That was cool, we did the school tours. We did a gang of high schools. They always show love every time we come too. I ain’t worked with her yet, but she’s cool people.

How important is social media for your career?
Very important. It’s important for everybody’s career for sure. Because it helps, it helps your streams and all that. Get your music out there, when people are reposting and sharing. I use Instagram and Facebook. My FB be booming, for real.

Favorite person to follow on IG?
I don’t know about favorite, but if it’s one person’s page I like going to, it’s Tobi Lou. Tobi Lou is dope. He’s just creative. His whole mindset, that’s shit is crazy bro. That n*gga crazy.

Have you worked with him?
Nah, not yet. I’m going to.

Talk about doing Mozzy’s “Sleep Walkin” challenge.
Shout out to Mozzy because he posted me. He got my followers up at least 10K. When I did that Mozzy challenge, I was at 2,000 something, almost 3,000 followers. I swear, on God. I posted the challenge, then my followers started going up. It was crackin’. My boy KD had called me like “bro, you gotta go murk this challenge! Go murk it bro.” I’m like “alright, let me go see what it is.” I tapped in, looked on my IG. I’m like “come on.” Got in the car, murked it. Posted it. For 4 days, it was booming everywhere.

Were you just freestyling?
Yeah, it was just the instrumental. I didn’t know he was going to pick people to post. Before that, I was posting just to post it. For 4 days, that shit was booming. Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, booming. I was getting a couple thousand of followers off it. As soon as that stopped, he posted that he was gonna post 5 winners. He posted me first. When he posted me, I couldn’t check nothing on my IG. It was going so much, it was ridiculous. He gave me 10K followers, then I started putting out all my other music on top of it. It just kept growing.

Talk about his musical influence on you.
I didn’t really hear of Mozzy until that challenge. I probably heard one or 2 of his songs. Once I did that, then I really tapped in to see who he was. I knew he had songs with Nip and others down the pipeline.

I saw your post “poor kid rich dreams.” What are some goals yourself as an artist at this point of your career?
Take care of everybody basically. Tryna get it to that point where I can take care of my squad and my family. Everybody straight. We ain’t gotta be rich, but as long as we live each day without no worries, n*ggas is cool with that bro.

What’s a normal day in the life? Walk us through.
Studio and working. That’s really it. Studio, working, my daughter. Coming up with new ideas. Clothing line: ShowGreat the Squad Clothing on anything. We got the red balloon, or any color balloon. The balloon represents there’s only one way up. Everybody that’s with me, I’ma take them.

3 things you need in the studio?
Peach rings, Sprite Remix, and a hot dog. A beef hot dog. Not no fucking pork or chicken, a beef hot dog. They need Henny. They need drank.

What’s the best encounter you had with a fan?
Manager: There was this 60-year-old woman, we did a champagne party. When she saw him, she said “great Jesus of Nazareth.” She was 60 and had 10 kids. She said “I heard Steven G was going to the champagne party. I live in Lancaster, I hit them motherfucker corners. I told them old bitches to get they ass up.” She wanted to have sex with him, while her son was there. He was in the 10th grade.

What’d you do?
I didn’t do nothing. I never do nothing. [laughs]

Manager: I told him he shoulda hit her, just for fan appreciation.

What would you be doing if you weren’t doing music?
I don’t know honestly. I was tryna figure it out.

What were you doing before the music?
I was working at Cedars-Sinai doing janitor work. EBS, that’s what it’s called. Nino got me in there. Cedars-Sinai was cool though, that was a cool ass job. If I wasn’t doing music, probably be doing something real regular. Before that, n*ggas was working at Sprouts making sandwiches.

Sprouts is fire.
Yeah, you goddamn right! It is fire.

Who’s the most played artist on your phone?
Right now, Meek. Everything on Championships. “Cold Hearted II,” “Respect The Game,” “Going Bad,” all that shit. And Da Baby too.

Dream collab?
Jay-Z for sure. Gotta be Jay.

What advice do you have for an inspiring Steven G?
Follow your dreams bro. Stick to your crew. Don’t change up. Don’t listen to nobody but yourself. Follow your first mind and run with it.


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