Yung Pinch ‘Back 2 The Beach’ Album To Feature YG, Wiz Khalifa & Good Charlotte

July 9, 2019

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Yung Pinch sees music as a form of therapy — the only reason he started to create it in the first place.

Hailing from Huntington Beach, California and fully embodying the definition of a ‘Beach Boy’, 22-year-old Yung Pinch can hardly be boxed into one genre.

While it’s easy to categorize him in the rap game, his talents and capabilities to sing and entertain like a rockstar prevail.

Most recently unleashing singles “Perfect” and “Wink Emoji” featuring Gashi, Pinch gears up to unleash his forthcoming album titled Back 2 The Beach. The storyline? To kill off the old stereotypes of Yung Pinch.

AllHipHop caught up with Pinch right after he returned from tour with Blackbear to discuss his new album and friendship w/ Lil Skies.

AllHipHop: What are the old stereotypes of Yung Pinch?

Yung Pinch: Just being a SoundCloud rapper, etc. Being categorized with a lot of other artists in a whole different lane that I’m not necessarily in. Just establishing myself as a musician, an artist, and a rockstar — not just some rapper. Also probably kill off the whole lil Yung thing, I’m growing up now.

AllHipHop: Are you going to?

Yung Pinch: It’s not really that serious as far as the name, but just the perception of it. I’m grown now. I really do this. Really going back to the beach: the story of the kid coming from nothing and rising to fame. All this success, all this money and craziness, having to leave his hometown to follow his dreams of being on. It’s like okay, I did all of that. Now it’s circling back home and bringing it back to where everything started.

AllHipHop: You’re definitely plugged in with some big names, can we expect any big features?

Yung Pinch: Yeah, I have a song with YG.

AllHipHop: Is that the song you guys did or another one?

Yung Pinch: No I have a new song it’s crazy It’s like an arena anthem. I don’t think people would ever hear YG on this song honestly. I have this crazy song with one of the newest features we got: Pouya. I have him on a song that no one would ever hear him on ever. It’s gonna be so fire. I have a song with Good Charlotte and Goody Grace.

AllHipHop: How did that happen?

Yung Pinch: They rock with me. [chuckles] I really do this, I tapped in with a lot of the old rockstars. The whole pop punk movement, they really support me. I tapped into that a lot on the album, had them play guitar on certain records. I have the Madden brothers and bruh from Good Charlotte singing the hook actually. It’s a new fire Good Charlotte song aside from Yung Pinch. I have some last minute things coming through. Should be expecting a feature from Wiz Khalifa, it’s supposed to be pretty crazy.

AllHipHop: Which songs mean the most to you?

Yung Pinch: They’re all bangers. There’s no real way to pick which song is the best in my opinion. I just focused on the storyline and the album goes in order from what happens like a timeline. I figured it’d be right to go in order with “Perfect” being the first song.

AllHipHop: What’s your friendship w/ Lil Skies? I saw “Nightmares” is doing really well.

Yung Pinch: It’s going up. It’s one of my most continuously streamed. It grows even though it’s been out for so long. It was basically time for us to get back into the studio again. I had that record and was like “yo honestly, I just need you on this one.”

AllHipHop: What’d he say?

Yung Pinch: “Damn bro, this is a fire record! This is crazy.” Then he recorded it probably a week later because I sent it to him while he was on tour. His voice was all jacked up from being on tour. When he got back home, we shot the video.

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