July 15, 2019

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Sealy Troh may have just unleashed the perfect summer bop for lovebirds all across the world. In a world where an influx of up-and-coming artists are striving to make a name for themselves, the Los Angeles native arrives with an emotive energy and deliberative flow that listeners can’t help enjoy.

Now, he unleashes “Lil Luv” featuring Sun Scott,  an upbeat, feel-good record to match perfect Los Angeles weather. The track serves as the lead single from his forthcoming project Make Friends.

Sun Scott croons on the hook, “Call it what you want, we gon call it us. We can take our time, we ain’t gotta rush. What’s a lil love?”

“Lil Luv” is all about relationships and how two individuals can go back and forth on titles — but nothing else matters as long as they’re happy. What inspired Sealy initially was the 2004 film Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, where love can come with extra baggage, ruining the positive emotions that should not be forgotten.

Sealy enlisted Sun Scott on the vocals after the beat was completed by producer Drupiano. It’s the synergy between Sealy’s raps and R&B-filled hook that makes for a timeless record no matter what time of year.


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