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August 1, 2019

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Yung Pinch is the Beach Boy forever. The minute you meet him (or hear his music), you’ll get a sense of his extremely chill, down-to-earth, laidback vibe. Hailing from Huntington Beach, the 22-year-old blew up onto the scene with his 2016 single “When I Was Yung”, which currently hails over 14M views on Youtube alone. Read more…

Fast forward to 2019, he’s continuing to unleash bangers for his growing fanbase. It’s his unique sound combining melodic rap with trap and rock elements that set him apart from the rest. Fresh off his return from the Blackbear tour, he gears up to release his new album Back 2 The Beach with features from YG, Wiz Khalifa, & Good Charlotte.

For those who don’t know, who is Yung Pinch?
Yung Pinch is a beach boy from Southern California, making wavy music.

Why should people fuck w/ you?
Because my music is a lot better than a lot of the stuff that’s out there. It’s more genuine and relatable than a lot of the music that’s getting pushed nowadays.

What sets you apart?
I think it’s the lyrics and the things that I talk about in my music. The fact that my music has substance. A lot of my music is actually played with real instruments and what not, as opposed to samples.

Can you play an instrument?
Not really, I only know a couple chords on the guitar. [chuckles] I can play the drums and piano for producing, but I don’t know keys or anything like that.

You just released your single “Perfect.” What or who inspired this?
I had that record for a really long time. It was a girl obviously, just reminiscing about the old days in my hometown.

Bring us back to your old days in the hometown. 
Living in Huntington Beach, having free time. Not being famous. It’s chill.

What’s the famous part like?
You definitely don’t get looked at the same or treated the same.

What are some of the pros and cons?
There’s a lot of pros and cons. Some of the cons are a lot people want you or want to be around you for certain things. The pros of it… I guess it’s what people always want. There’s not too many pros of being famous. I don’t really want to be famous. I’d rather my music be famous than myself.

Do you feel your music is leading right now?
Yeah always. People still don’t even know who I am but know my songs, which I like because that’s how I sell tickets to my shows.

What are some goals for yourself?
Continue to do what I’ve been doing the way I’ve been doing it. Not switch it up, not change it up. Continue to let the music speak for myself, grow that and not worry about being famous with likes on Instagram, etc.

Are you spending a lot of time analyzing all that?
Nah. Everyone else does and people try to portray that onto you. I just want to stay doing what I’ve been doing, stay focused on what I’m focused on.

What are you focused on?
Music and my family.

Back to “Perfect,” has she heard it?
Yeah I’m sure she has. I don’t talk to her anymore.

“Would Be Nothing” has you reflecting on the haters. What were you going through at the time?
I was reflecting on high school, my teachers and the kids who told me I wouldn’t be anything in my life. Just really making a point out of the fact that I became something and how they’re not doing everything they were supposed to do. It’s kind of an empowering song for me.

Have you been back since?
Yes, I go back to my hometown all the time. It be hella fake love. People that used to talk hella shit, I just smile.

Best memory from the video shoot?
The whole video was awesome because we shut down a whole school. In between shots, we were playing basketball, playing handball like we were really in school again. Then all of the extras who were in the video were fans, so it was cool. We’re chilling, answering questions, doing fun stuff. It was actually a cool day.

What’s the best encounter you had with a fan?
I couldn’t pick one. It’s really crazy when they get stuff of mine, like lyrics tattooed on them. Or when girls are crying uncontrollably, you’re like “chill out, it’s all good.” It’s crazy how people idolize you like that just for music.

Talk about your forthcoming Back 2 The Beach album. What’s the storyline?
Back 2 The Beach man, it’s a great album. It’s basically made to kill off the old stereotypes of Yung Pinch.

How many tracks are on the album?
I made 150 songs for that album. I don’t even know how many I picked. I don’t even think it’s finalized. I want more on there, but it’s not gonna happen. [chuckles]

What’s the plan, are you just dropping these singles?
Hopefully they should all be on the album. Well “Perfect” was the first single off the album, it’s actually the first song on the album. When the visual comes out, it’s actually me at my own funeral, with the nails done, hair done, all red lipstick. Everyone’s dressed up to come to my funeral.

What was your vision with that?
The album starts off with me at my own funeral, and ends with me getting shot by a cop. Killing off the old stereotypes and all the other stuff goes into the storyline of the album of Yung Pinch dying basically. There’s a lot of stuff that goes on in the album. I worked really hard on it, probably for a whole year.

What about visuals?
It’s the storyline, the whole thing could be a short movie. Probably pitch it to some movie director. Just the script honestly, not even to do a soundtrack. Strictly off of the storyline I wrote for this shit.

Do you plan on getting into acting down the line?
Yes of course, I feel like I act everyday. [chuckles] Forreal, sometimes I be acting like I’m happy when I’m not. I be acting like I wanna do shit when I don’t. You don’t understand, I could do this easily. If I get paid to do it, it’s even easier.

Talk about enlisting Gashi on “Wink Emoji”?
That record had to come out because it was such a summertime vibe. I had to get it started early and get it going early. That one is later in the album after I leave Huntington beach to go to LA. I had to get that out because of the vibe, and I wanted to surprise people with something different.

Talk about your friendship with him, his energy is crazy in the studio.
He’s super super super dope, I love Gashi. We’ve known each other for a while but we ran into each other at Lil Skies listening party. He’s like “let’s get into the studio soon.” I’m like “you know what, I have this record.” Two days later, he came out to Malibu and did the record.

Best memory from the “Nightmares” video shoot w/ Lil Skies?
It was funny, we were doing this green screen thing. It was the first time ever doing stuff like that. There were two ninjas squatting next to me. We were shooting for hella long and I felt bad because their legs were hurting. They started falling over cramping, it was crazy. My boy Mike Diva shot it.

Talk about opening for Blackbear.
Oh yeah Dead 2 The World Tour, it was very lit. Blackbear fans are always super fun to perform for because they’re so loud. Me and Blackbear kind of go hand in hand with the music, like the singing, the style and everything. They really gravitated towards me. Going on tour with someone who’s your friend is always fun too because it doesn’t feel as much like work or a tour.

He’s sober, so how was that?
I still did my thing, I just don’t put it in front of him. I respect it. I’m proud of him. It’s dope that he’s sober. Super proud of him.

What’s the biggest lesson you learned from that tour?
Man I’ve been on tour so many times. My biggest lesson… I guess to go to the show, do your thing, and boogie out of there.

Is there anything you took away from his performance?
Watching his performance is always dope. His production and everything is always so on point. If it was my tour or if I was on it from the jump, then I would’ve had production too. That would’ve been cool. It’s cool to watch that. Blackbear is an amazing performer. He’s so talented from the piano and the guitar. Didn’t learn much from it, I just enjoyed it.

Right now, you’re kind of in the rap game. Do you care to put a label on what genre of music you create?
Umm… not really. I think it’s funny when people consider me just a rapper, because it’s like what about my music really is other than rhyming and bars? There’s singing, there’s guitars, but it’s not rap. It’s trap. I don’t wanna call that rap since it’s mumble rap. I be over categories. Anyone categorizing something in life I think is pretty funny. “Aw yeah, what do you do?” Categorize that. But you probably do a lot more than just that. It’s whatever.

What’re your plans now since you’re back?
Like I said, go back home to Huntington Beach. Visit my family.

Did they come out to the Anaheim show?
Nah I was on half the tour. Gashi was on the tour, then he quit.

Why’d he quit?
That’s not my business. They called me to come on the tour. They hit me and I did them a favor by coming on tour. But I’ma go home and see my family. See my friend, he’s in the hospital. He has cancer.

How has music been a form of therapy for you?
It’s always been a form of therapy. It’s really the only reason I make music. Only reason I started making music was to talk about shit that I wasn’t comfortable talking about or had someone to talk about with.

Who are you bumping right now?
A lot of Nipsey Hussle, like every day.

What’s your favorite Nipsey song?
Impossible. All a different mood, all a different time of day, all a different location, all a different place. You’ve got what you need at different times. That’s how I look at my music too, I give you what you need at different times in your life, for different places and different things. It’s hard to pick one song, I wouldn’t be able to.

Dream collab?
I would really really love to work with Young Thug. I’ve never been starstruck by nobody really except him.

Is there anything you want to let us know?
Back 2 The Beach coming soon. Beach boy forever and always!


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