August 7, 2019

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Parametric Records are here to take over the EDM world one dance at a time. In just a few months, the new label under Atlantic Records has proven to be the home for dance music’s freshest artists. In addition to a promising platform for new and emerging artists (like TailsShip Wrek and Emma Sameth), it houses some of music’s greatest names from Diablo to Le Youth to even Rich The Kid.

The goal of the new imprint to “consistently comes with original songs that move speakers and crowds.” They are driven by a genuine love for electronic music and culture. On the technical side of things, imagine an indie label backed by a major label powerhouse.

On Wednesday, July 31th, Parametric hosted a cute Summer Sunsets mixer with tunes by Dances With White Girls, Benzi, and Ship Wrek – and of course free tacos and drinks. Guests conjoined on the rooftop of the corporate building in downtown Los Angeles to celebrate hump day in the best way possible.

Bailey Small, the label’s A&R stated, “From the start, Parametric has been all about bringing people together around amazing new sounds. It feels incredible to see everyone come together and connect around the music. I couldn’t be more excited about the future of Parametric and beyond thankful to be part of such a special musical community.”

Small’s party DJ Benzi also had similar feelings. Benzi states, “So I’m also his [Bailey’s] partner in the label. It worked out great where I could put myself on the roster – I had a good song. I’ve been on Mad Decent, I’ve been on a bunch of other labels and to finally be on a major label and have the support of a major label is awesome. And working with Bailey is awesome. We have lots of cool stuff coming in the future.”

Dances With on the bill stated, “Feels dope to be a part of a label that cares about the listeners at home and the dancers on the club floor, while soaking up vibes in the LA sun at a free party. Because the streets are what matter, not trends or outdated notion of tastemakers. Only taste that matters is the groove.”

As the evening went on and the sun was subtly blaring into the function, Ship Wrek chimed in. “The Parametric team is really dope,” he said. “It’s different from a lot of other labels. They bring us in and make us feel comfortable. We hang with them all. They’re all really cool people. Everybody that works on the team, they actually get it.”

The DJ/producer duo also mentioned doing the video shoot for “Energy,” and the whole team was helping out all morning. “It was great,” he said.

In terms of the predicted song of the summer, both Benzi and Ship Wrek answered Meduza‘s “Piece of Your Heart.”

Who’s ready for dance floor-ready weapons from Parametric Records?!

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