Mozzy’s Producer JuneOnnaBeat Explains What He Likes Most About The Music Biz

August 12, 2019

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The producer explains his transition into rapping and what he likes best about the music business.

“JuneOnnaBeat…” You may have heard this standout producer tag on all of Mozzy’s records.

In fact, June has a Mozzy tat right on the side of this forehead. But now, the 27-year-old is ready to transition from beat-making to his own artistry. While he remains loyal to his squad, it’s his desire to expand his creativity and sound that allowed him to discover his own voice, in turn creating bangers of his own.

Most recently, he unleashed his project Big Smoke with features from D Savage, G Perico, Jose Guapo, Skippa, and more.

AllHipHop: How did you link w/ Mozzy initially?

JuneOnnaBeat: We from the same neighborhood.

AllHipHop: What was your upbringing coming up?

JuneOnnaBeat: Really just him doing music, me following right behind all of them. All the homies, him included. Shit, I just tagged along really.

AllHipHop: How’d you start making beats then?

JuneOnnaBeat: I would sit in the studio with them and really pay more attention to the producers. Then one of my older patnas, he introduced me to FL Studios. He’s like, “Here go a program you should do something with.” It’s a new thing everybody was doing back in the day. He’s like “it’s called FL studio.” I downloaded it and ain’t never stop playing with it ever since.

AllHipHop: What were you feeling?

JuneOnnaBeat: At the time, I was so interested in it because I was actually making beats. I was playing the keyboard so you didn’t have to. I didn’t need a drum set, I didn’t need none of that. I was just on the computer, it was accessible to the world. It was free. Play it back a beat, download it, go play it in the car.

AllHipHop: What was it like seeing Mozzy blow up?

JuneOnnaBeat: To be honest, it’s a great thing seeing him come up. It’s a blessing to see him come from actually nothing.

AllHipHop: What was it about his music that people resonated with?

JuneOnnaBeat: The sound, the production.

AllHipHop: How was it transitioning from producing to your own artistry?

JuneOnnaBeat: Well really, it was my fans. I would do little hooks every now and then, little verses, but I wouldn’t take it too seriously. They’d be like “bro you really need to rap.” Videos, really be face front, perform, etc. “We wanna see who you are. We hear you, and we wanna hear more.” I’m like “okay,” and I’m pretty nice. I did my rap thing, now it’s time to tell my story.

AllHipHop: Did you always want to do this, or did you just fall into it?

JuneOnnaBeat: I fell into it, just me really producing. I write songs too. I would do a lot of references at first for artists.

AllHipHop: What’s been the best part?

JuneOnnaBeat: In music? The royalties… from everything.

‎Black Smoke by Juneonnabeat

AllHipHop: What is it you want fans to get from your new project Black Smoke?

JuneOnnaBeat: Black Smoke, I want them to get to know June in general. Not no old June, not no new June, just June. I’m telling my story. I’m telling my side of things, I want them to listen to it. They done heard JuneOnnaBeat, they heard June sing hooks here and there. I really want them to gravitate towards my music, my work, me.

AllHipHop: Dream collab?

JuneOnnaBeat: Lil Baby’s one of them. I wanna collab with Zaytoven, just a few of them. Gates, Yella Beezy. He just has a whole different sound. I like people with different sounds.

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