September 4, 2019

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Josh Pan is here to put on for the Asian-American community in the realm of dance music. The artist, producer, DJ, singer, songwriter, and designer is an all-around creative, who loves learning new things. If you listen to his discography, you’ll immediately notice he doesn’t stick to any one traditional sound.

He’s stated, “It’s always been important for me to flow from one style to the next. The music world is so cross-pollinated now and it’s so easy to experiment, why not try? You should, too — whenever you have free time.”

Most recently, the Taiwan-raised L.A. transplant performed at 88Rising’s Head In The Clouds festival taking over L.A. Historic State Park, sharing the stage with superstar artists such as JojiRich BrianNIKI, and iKon.

EDM.com caught up with Pan to discuss his most recent music video “Undefeated,” being Asian in the music industry, and more.

EDM.com: Why are you “Undefeated”?

Josh Pan: Life is hard. Everyone feels defeated at times. We’re all going through tough shit every day. The only thing we can do is be happy that we have our friends and family and realize that we have it much easier than we used to have it 100 or 1,000 years ago. We’re so connected with the rest of the world. Imagine having to do a long-distance relationship by sending letters on a ship or through a telegram. You got this.

I loved seeing you type in Chinese in your IG post for 88Rising’s festival. Talk about putting on for your people and culture.

Being able to speak two languages is really great. There are so many things in life we really can’t appreciate if we only focus on one culture or one career path. Learning Chinese is pretty damn hard, considering all the complex, non-phonetic symbols. Maybe I’ll talk about it sometime. Luckily, it was drilled into my head at a young age. If I had to pick it up now, I’d probably lose my mind — and you’d do absolutely nothing about it.

Do you feel you’re the minority in the dance music realm?

I don’t really know what this means, but I’d say I do… sometimes. I do have a lot of Asian friends who are in music, but no one really thinks about it. All my friends come from pretty much every culture and walk of life. We make art and music. My last album was an indie/psych rock/whatever else project with Dylan Brady. The dance music I make with X&G isn’t bound to any genre. Sorry if this is a tangent (laughs). I don’t know too many DJ/producers in the States who are Taiwanese, but I know a couple. You ever heard of Gill Chang? Check out his song “Story” with Cimo Frankel. Cimo is also a sicko. Met him in 2016 when I went to Korea with Skrillex and Sean from 88rising.

This interview has been condensed for clarity.

Josh is currently working on a remix package (curated with Skrillex) for his album with Dylan Brady. These will most likely be coming out over the next couple of months. He’s also wrapping up multiple projects and singles.

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