‘Official Secrets’ Recounts The Iraq War — Highly Recommended

September 7, 2019

Friday, September 6th

Happy Friday! The weekend to me = movies. Last night I saw IT Chapter Two & I feel bad saying it was 3 hours too long. It was actually fire, just don’t go when you’re tired. Today, I worked, went to yoga, got my lashes filled, then hit this movie: Official Secrets. All I can say is wow, this movie was fucking insane.

Shout out to my babygirl Cherise, we hit the 10:30pm showing at AMC Burbank 16. We were actually supposed to see another movie at the other AMC theatre but they had shut down & there was no more popcorn left lmao. An actual blessing in disguise. Official Secrets stars Keira Knightley which literally makes it lit in itself. She’s such a phenomenal actress, like she was made for this.

IMDB plot: The true story of a British whistleblower who leaked information to the press about an illegal NSA spy operation designed to push the UN Security Council into sanctioning the 2003 invasion of Iraq.

I had to read the plot a couple times because I’m terrible at serious movies, but the fact that it recounts what actually happened in 2003 with the Iraq war really shook me up. Like, holy shit. There’s SO much that happens behind closed doors with the government, the secret service, the fucking world of journalism. Pretty much she leaks a memo that everyone thinks is fake, and then has the integrity to come forth about it. Mind you, she did this to try to save people’s lives & AVOID the war. It’s honestly hard to explain but once you watch it, you’ll understand.

The film is full of suspense and drama but what really blew my mind is how real it was. This took place in the United Kingdom & her husband is Muslim so they tried to deport him. Shit is crazy. Life is crazy. I really, really enjoyed this movie & definitely recommend everyone go see this. It got 93% on Rotton Tomatoes which is pretty high.

If you like history or politics or anything in this realm, you’ll love this. I sure as hell did.

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