‘Brittany Runs a Marathon’ Is Motivating & Real AF

September 22, 2019

Sunday, September 22nd

Happy Sunday everyone. I legit have been in my feelings this entire week/weekend, but I had to snap out of it. Hung out with my brother today & feel recharged, ready to slay the week. We first hit up Costco & ran into an old friend from high school, it warmed my heart. It’s important to remember the good times in life vs. the bad.

Forced my bro to go do the Culver City stairs & died. That shit is HELLA hard. Also PTSD because that’s where my car got broken into & they stole everything ): still so worth it though. Hella people were there & it was getting dark — but it’s such a great workout. We then mobbed to AMC Burbank Town Center 6 to watch Brittany Runs A Marathon at 7:50pm, which I hella enjoyed. Chick flicks are the way to my heart.

IMDB plot: A young woman decides to make positive changes in her life by training for the New York City Marathon.

S/o to Jillian Bell who absolutely kills this role. The film is basically centered around her, who decides to get fit & change her life for the better. The crazy part is how much the film actually captures how she feels in her body, actually documenting her weight loss. You can see the numbers decreasing on the scale & I know that speaks volumes to anyone out there struggling with weight loss. Not even that, but the desire to be healthier and feel better about yourself.

Our theater was packed, I think we all enjoyed this film. It got great reviews, 88% on Rotton Tomatoes. Even better, we found out it was based on a true story at the end. Me personally, I’ve done two half-marathons & they’re pure hell. Literally the most exhausting thing I’ve had to do physically, so I have a tremendous amount of respect for anybody who even makes an effort.

The movie was only an hour 43 minutes so totally doable. Very, very real, and entertaining. It captures this new age of social media, jealousy, sympathy, just all the insecurities we have as we go through this thing called life. Highly recommend this movie.

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