September 24, 2019

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Following a string of L.A. shows that took in the El Rey, The Roxy and Masonic Lodge (at The Hollywood Cemetery, adding a whole new tier of spook and mystery), Emotional Oranges returns to the historic Fonda Theater in the heart of Hollywood. This is the Very Emotional tour and they’re holding absolutely nothing back.Not only are they the “most emotional band in the galaxy,” but they aim to be absolute biggest. Catching up with V before their set, she described EO as “definitely soulful. It’s a feeling, it’s a vibe. It’s an energy of two worlds, two people communicating through love.” A adds, “I love that for us.”

This exact energy was immediately felt once the 10:30 p.m. mark hit and they graced the stage after openers Chiiild (who hail from Montreal). EO’s rise to the mainstream stems from 2018, dropping only a handful of singles and accumulating over 40 millions streams. “Motion” was one, a romantic ballad laced with funk and disco that made you want to return to the dance floor instantaneously.

V and A took the stage to their song “Unless You’re Drowning,” off their first EP The Juice: Vol. I. Off the rip, you’re introduced to the anonymous pair whose chemistry on stage is unmatched. With V rocking her signature visor and A in sunglasses, they feed off each other. A explains, “She’s my twin.”

By song number two (“Hold You Back”), you realize every fan in the audience knew each and every word to each and every song. V’s outfit channelled straight ’90s vibes, rocking a long black coat with neon orange accents, fishnet tights, and thigh-high lace up stiletto boots. V’s sudden yet innocent grind onto A had the “citrus squad” (their supporters) cheering and wanting more.

Their covers of timeless hits intertwined into the show — Ja Rule’s “Always On Time” and Cassie’s “Me & U” — added a level of nostalgia that took over The Fonda and had even the dudes singing word for word. By this point, A begins talking to the crowd, asking them “How many of you downloaded Juice: Vol 1? Can we drop some Vol 2 shit? Can we drop ‘Don’t Be Lazy”?”

Lazy is the complete opposite of the EO’s stage presence, something we don’t take for granted in this social media era. Anyone can have followers, but to be able to sell out shows and have the people coming back for more? Those are real artists — and they’re fans of each other.

A states, “We’re blessed to be in V’s presence. One of my homies asked me today ‘what do you say she is?’ For a long time, I said she has a very soulful Gaga energy to her, but I’ve been listening to a lot of Sia lately and she’s more SIA to me. I like Sia so much more than I like Gaga. To be able to blend that world with the branding and the Aaliyah’s that she does so naturally — but the SIA shit. Have you listened to SIA properly? Fucking crazy. Melodically, eats Gaga alive to me. SIA is Top 10 in terms of melody.”

Regardless of who V reminds you of, it’s her vibe, beauty, and vocals that shone even deeper when she took her visor off. “LA, how u feeling?!” she claraes into the mic. Their random check-ins with the crowd inserted a real genuine human connection felt inside the room this Saturday evening. A took a moments at the end to shout out his parents in attendance, as V followed suit.

“Built That Way” and “Somebody Like You” were next, as V’s sensuality and A’s versatility came into play. V was throwing it back and making it pop while A was spitting bars. It seemed like each song had its own aesthetic, fog, and backlighting that followed their swift movements on stage.

V revealed her favorite song off Vol. 2 was “Just Like You,” as she flexed her vocal range in an acapella. The show ended on the highest note: “Personal,” the very song they’ve been working into radio airwaves.

“Ooh, alright, I’ll make it up tonight, I wanna do all the things that you like, provided you give me time / I’m saying you, you’re right, you deserve what you like / I don’t even care about the cost,

I came here just to break you off.”

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