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October 2, 2019

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MPR Tito is one of the most hard-working artists to come out of Atlanta, period. Coming up alongside Hoodrich Pablo Juan whom he calls a childhood friend, the 29-year-old found music to be his calling the moment he started. While he only officially started rapping two years ago, there was never a second of doubt or second-guessing his decision. Read more..

Hailing from the East Side of the A, Tito saw it all. From poverty to junkies to gangs, the “Honor” rapper had to figure out a way to make ends meet — with that comes the hustle, grind, and determination to be successful and fulfill your dreams. When it comes to the music, he sees Pablo as a mentor and a GOAT— one of the greatest of all time.

For those who don’t know, who is MPR Tito?
I come from the A, East Side 1-5! MPR came from Money Power Respect, my name is Tito, we put it both together.

Why should people fuck w/ you?
Shit, ‘cause I’m a real n*gga. Anybody who knows me, they gon’ put you down and let you know that I’m a real n*gga. Even people who don’t fuck with me, they gon’ fuck with me anyway just off the strength of who I am — when they get to hear my music, get to meet me, and get to know me.

How would you describe your sound?
Unique, I don’t rap like nobody. For the most part, a lot of people say I’m aggressive. I’m raw. I want to say I’m just me. I’m Tito, that’s how I describe my music.

How important is it to come to LA as an up and coming artist?
Very important, this is my second home. I love LA. LA is like the way home from Atlanta for me. I’m born and raised in Atlanta, so I go to LA just to get away. I be here with the bros on West Adams. The twins, Sour Matt, D Savage, all them. It’s a better vibe, that’s all.

Favorite part?
The weed and the lean. What? The best lean in the world. Need something now matter of fact, gotta go get it. Weed, lean, and music. Then ya’ll got great women out here… beautiful women.

You just dropped the music video for “Honor.” What was the best memory from this video shoot?
That’s hard! That’s a hard video. We were at my spot, the cameraman actually called me like “‘Honor’ is hard!” And I got a star on it from Apple so I’m like “okay, everybody does like it.” Everybody be streaming it, looking at it, listening to it. It was something different, I didn’t want to keep shooting the same thing. I had went ahead and did “Honor,” that’s my favorite song off of Locked In. That’s an EP I did a two months ago.

Hoodrich Pablo Juan: Fuck the opps! And some chicken wings, that’s on hood.

My opps sell chicken wings. We get that because my bros, we all some Bloods so we be like “we eat on our opps.” I be not paying attention to them, but I be tryna focused at the same time. That’s why when I come to Cali, I be wanting to stay here and stay focused on music instead of being in Atlanta. But being in Atlanta is what made “Honor,” so me staying down and going through the struggle is what made that hard song. I rap about what’s going on in my life. I freestyle, I never wrote in my life. From Rixh Blxxd to Eat Ya Faxe to Locked In, I just be going off of how I feel in the moment and what I got going on.

What is it you want fans to get from your story?
The struggle! They gon’ get hope. They gon know they can make it out. If you put your mind to it, you can make it out the hood. You can come to LA. I know people who ain’t made it out my block yet, so the fact that I can come to LA just because… I came out here because it was my birthday yesterday. The simple fact I can just jump, get out the projects and go to LA, that’s a blessing.

How’d you celebrate your birthday?
Came out, met up with Sour Matt, met up with the bros. Had a studio session, made some great music and kept working. Just was blessed I made it another year.

What are some goals yourself as an artist at this point of your career?
To be honest, I want it all. I’m that type of person. I’m shooting for everything when it comes to me rapping. I’m not doing it to waste my time. I want to go big with it. Even the people I know who rap, who talk to me on a daily basis, they tell me “you got it Tito, keep working and you gon’ make it.”

How important is social media for your career?
Social media just became new to me. I’m working on that part, ‘cause I’m just so real. I’m just now jumping on the social media board. It’s cool, I realize it’s a way to market yourself and make money. If you look on my IG bio, it says MPR with the B at the end. We all Bloods so we MPR but all of us Bloods. MPRB, that’s my new EP coming out.

What can we expect from that?
Gang shit! That shit gon’ be hard. The streets gonna love that one, ain’t gon’ lie. Because they liked Rixh Blxxd when I dropped it, it’s the same category type music. Eat Ya Faxe was more just me going in. Locked In was me locking in on different subjects. I was showing you lock-in in life, in the streets, I was trying to show all the different ways you can lock in. There’s not just one way. Lock in in the studio, in the trap, in real life, that’s what Locked In was about. MPRB gang, all my little homies.

Hoodrich Pablo Juan: Tell her about Magic City boy. Uh oh.

Tell me about Magic City, Tito!
I ain’t even gon’ cap, this is Hoodrich’s favorite playground. They do have the best food. We went for my last release party.

Favorite person to follow on IG?
I don’t really follow a lot of people, there’s certain weird people I do be fucking with. Who’s that big girl who just performed? Lizzo, I fuck with her. I like her. I saw her and DaBaby did a show together, she go hard.

What’s a normal day in the life? Walk us through.
Just get to the money and working, in every way. Soon as I wake up, I grind and get to the paper. The studio, from studio to interviews to shows. Each and every way that I can move forward, that’s how I’m going every day. That’s the life I live.

Best encounter you had with a fan?
The first one that wanted my signature, that was my best encounter. We were on tour at a Florida show. A fan, he ran up on me. It was just good because on tour, they always be paying attention to Hoodrich. But he actually knew who I was, went past him and was like “Tito, I need yo signature! I know all the words to your song.” All that type of stuff make me want to keep doing it, keep working and keep making great music. ‘Cause them folks love you, they listen to your music every day to make it.

Who’s the most played artist on your phone?
I’d say Slime ‘cause he just dropped So Much Fun, been listening to that. He got the number one, but I like the songs that people don’t listen to. I say “Light It Up,” “Surf,” or “Pussy,” I like all them. I been listening to Peewee Longway, that’s my boy. I just told him I’m out here.

He’s funny…
As hell! [laughs] He silly as hell bruh. I be dealing with everybody. If I know you, 9 times out of 10 I’ll be listening to your music. I just now started listening to other people, but most likely Keed, Gotit, Duke, people I know. Of course, I support and listen to them.

Dream collab?
Not yet. Right now, I just want to do me. Later on in my career, I’m gonna look for my ultimate… somebody who’s an OG. I don’t want nobody new. I want my ultimate collab to be somebody that’s a GOAT, like Drake. Drake’s a GOAT. A Drake collab, that’s a dream come true.


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