October 22, 2019

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MYRNE is here to bring Singapore to the forefront of dance music. Currently on tour with Manila Killa, the DJ/producer recently unleashed his new album In Search of Solitude via Ultra Music, an emotional, 10-track album that features everyone including KarraGrabbitzLost BoyRynnKyle Reynolds and April Bender.

From its lead single “Me ++ You,” the album is filled with a new-and-improved MYRNE as he makes strides in discovering who he really is deep down without ever compromising his sound or vision with the general public. EDM.com caught up with MYRNE to discuss his recent project, tour life, and what he discovered about himself in the process.

EDM.com: For those who don’t know, who is MYRNE?

MYRNE: MYRNE is a project I started seven years ago, just as a creative outlet for the music I was learning to make at the time. It wasn’t so much started with the intention to see my name on festival posters, but rather a living, breathing collection of my first forays into electronic music. I got the name from a David Byrne book I read while procrastinating in secondary school.

What does “runaway sonic architect” in your Instagram bio mean?

The first part describes the impetus for even making music. I felt I couldn’t relate to traditional conceptions of success in the society I was raised in, and committing to a life of music was in part running away from those obligations. “Architect” is a homage to a song I wrote in 2016, and describes my workflow when it comes to production. Producers have literally every sound in the world at your disposal. I used that advantage to attempt to create stories, intricate landscapes that I could hear myself living in.

What’s one thing you want fans to get from In Search of Solitude?

It’ll mean different things to many people, and I don’t want listeners to have expectations before pressing play on this record. It’s a chronological order of songs that relate to my influences, epiphanies, and growth when it comes to my musical journey.

How do you pick which features go on the project?

Most of the features on the record are already friends of mine, or writers I’ve met through my time at Ultra Music. I make music with a deterministic outlook on life, and believe that every song I create has already been written the moment I sit at the desk. Whatever friends or singers come into my life – no matter how “different” they sound in the context of my idea of the project – have a special place in it, and so I never worry about finding “the right person” for a song.

You mention you were focused on what people wanted you to create. What is it you discovered about yourself and your sound?

I’ve always known that “less is more,” but I’ve never been able to shake my bad habits of over-layering everything until the mix sounds like a stretched, messy blur. This LP counts out DJs playing my songs as quick edits at festivals, but I don’t care. I guess one thing that I consciously took away was that my best music is made when I’m experimenting, eyes closed, imagining a large landscape that the song fits in.

What’s your best memory from touring with Manila Killa?

So many good memories! The most notable was at a show in San Luis Obispo, CA. It was a cozy show, the first time I was testing the live set in front of other people. I was so nervous. Midway through my set the backing instrumental stopped, and silence ensued. I swore loud enough for the front row to hear. Instead of booing, the crowd started cheering and I resumed my set. I immediately felt confident enough for all the other shows on the rest of the tour. It’s crazy how supportive fans are out here in California.


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