Smooth is here to put on for his hometown of Compton the best way he knows how: through music. To combat some of the hip-hop legends to come out of the city — including Dr. Dre, YG, The Game, DJ Quick — Smooth arrives as an R&B singer with a standout voice that you’ve never heard before. In an era where the influx of music is at an all-time high, he finds his footing in a lane unlike any other.

The West Coast crooner is in incredibly good hands, surfacing from LA’s new hit factory WIN WIN, a production and creative house spearheaded by TK Kayembe who’s worked with the likes of Diplo, Lizzo and Lil Jon. He’s also making moves with Ryan Rodriguez and the Fakework Management team, who helped jumpstart the careers of artists such as YG, Rae Sremmurd, Soulja Boy, and more.

With a powerhouse behind him, Smooth unleashed his new visuals for “Calabasas,” which is literally the first song he recorded in the studio. The single itself gives listeners a sweet, nostalgic feeling like a beautiful day in LA. The video begins with him getting out of his all-white drop-top just before he enters the liquor store to pick up a few refreshments. On his way out, he he ends up dreaming about picking up something else — the woman who becomes his love interest.

The song begins: “Last night I dreamed about you, we were in Calabasas. The vibe was feeling brand new, so I just had to bag it.” Anyone who resides in LA knows the beautiful drive down PCH to get to the heart of this city, home to the biggest names in entertainment from Drake to the Kardashians. 

Watch the video above to see Smooth shoot his shot with his love interest and check out the interview below to learn more about what inspires him to create and who he’d like to have on the “Calabasas” remix.

What Inspires Your Creativity?

Smooth: Knowing that I’m creating something that’s authentically mine as well as pushing out a message that I feel like people need to hear really motivates and inspires me to keep working. I’m constantly in this place where I want to find authentic and fresh ways to express how I feel. 

How Do You Remain Positive While You Perfect Your Music?

Smooth: Remaining positive while I’m creating and perfecting my music, sound or even a specific song is very important to me. I make sure that when I’m working I keep my energy and focus completely and solely on whatever it is I’m working on at the time. When I put all of my energy and effort into creating something that I feel passionately about, it’s very difficult for me to be anything other than positive.

If You Were to Make A “Calabasas” Remix, Who Would You Want To Be Featured On It?

Smooth: If I were to hear a remix to Calabasas, I definitely would want to hear Syd, Tyla Yaweh, Mereba or Kyle Dion on a verse. Sonically I think our sounds can coexist and it would sound super fire!