October 24, 2019

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Imagine your favorite video game … brought to real life. Now imagine being able to play in that game … in real life! Insert the Mushroom Rally, a themed go-karting experience where participants can dress up in costumes and take a glorious trip down memory lane. For anyone who thinks they have gaming skills, they can now showcase them in this one-of-a-kind go-karting extravaganza.

The concept originated in Australia, and has now extended to major cities all across the United States. Who doesn’t want to race against their favorite video game characters, while collecting stars to score amazing prizes? If you’re a fan of go-karting, this will hit that sweet spot — guaranteed.

The motto? ​Get ready for the rally of a lifetime! While tickets are extremely limited, customers who are interested can enter their details in a sign-up box on mushroomrally.com. Regardless of who takes home the trophy, individuals will be able to meet and mingle with new friends for a driving experience of a lifetime.

Mushroom Rally began in Los Angeles in March, travelling through 16 cities across America — with the grand finale in Las Vegas. The last heat in Sin City will feature the finalists from each city prior, including the Anaheim stop on November 15 and 16. The incentive? Racers from each city will be racing for their chance to win a trip to Las Vegas for the national championship.

Of course, if you didn’t take a picture, it didn’t happen. Right? Don’t worry. There will be multiple IG worthy photo opportunities, from the actual game, the press board, costumes, inflatable start line, props throughout the venue, racing videos

The competition itself features 20 spots in the finale, with three different ways racers can slot:

  1. Having the fastest lap time in your city.
  2. Collecting the most stars in your city (Top 3 in the country will head to Vegas!)
  3. Every person who purchases a ticket to the event will be entered into a lottery. The winner will be announced via Facebook Live. As long as you purchased a ticket, you have the chance to win!

Participants will also have the opportunity to compete on race day, with winners of each preliminary race competing in an additional race for prizes. The most exciting part may be the wide range of games available to play, aiming to gain and obtain as many stars as possible. You can also win stars by tagging @themushroomrally on social media. 

Whether you’re aiming to win or just aiming to have a good time, this will be pure entertainment for individuals of all ages and ethnicities. As far as the tunes, there will be a live DJ for you to vibe to as you race and play throughout the day.

Note, you must be over 21 years old to be eligible to go to Vegas. This is an event geared to adults specifically. With each ticket, individuals can pick from an array of costumes to fully embody the character they wish to play. (P.S., feel free to practice on any go-kart track on your own time.)

Director James Farrell states, “The events have lots of mushrooms.”

Tickets retail for $65 per person. If you’re a fan of Mario Kart, this is the perfect excuse to dress up outside of Halloween. The races are slated to take place in two-hour sessions, with only 10 racers lucky enough to compete in the final race in Vegas.

Over 12 races are set to take place in two-hour sessions. After each race, the top three racers with the best lap time will be announced and awarded their prizes. But only 10 lucky racers (with the best lap time) will have the chance to compete in a round that will set them on the path of competing in the final race in Las Vegas!

Reservations are extremely limited, so hurry up and grab your red hat, mustache and overalls, and prepare yourself to tear up the tracks with gamers and racers alike!

For more information, visit mushroomrally.com.

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