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October 28, 2019

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Marky D comes from humble beginnings, someone who keeps to himself and focuses on his one true love: music. While growing up in high school football was his main thing. But it was the moment a close family member passed away (getting shot 12x) that a 15-year-old Marky decided to pursue his rap career altogether. Having always the ability freestyle and create, it was after that tragedy occurred that he knew he had to live out his late cousin’s legacy. Read more…

Putting on for the West Coast in all that he does, real name Marcus Hunt hopes to bridge the gap between LA in the Bay. With his latest single “EVERYBODY” tapping the Ambassador of the Bay, E-40, he does just that.

For those who don’t know, who is Marky D?
Marky D is a creative, very humble but more of a quiet storm. Other than me doing music, I’m really not in the club or hanging out like that. I do my thing and get on. That’s me, I’m very simple. I guess people call it “boring.” That’s me, I’m very simple, easy-going, and just creative.

Why should people fuck w/ you?
Because I’m easy to get along with. I make music for every type of situation: the turn up, the sad, the happy, to just riding. The variety. The saying is it’s global not local.

How would you describe your sound?
Very odd because I might sound like a West Coast rapper on that, but then bar out I can sound like an East Coast artist. I don’t like to be put in a box, so my sound is very me.

What part of LA are you from? What were you seeing growing up?
Let’s say Uptown Whittier. It wasn’t really diverse but half my family’s Spanish, my best friend’s Filiipino. I’m like a melting pot. I get along with everybody because I was raised in different cultures and around different people all the time. I don’t fuck with just one type of person, I have a variety of people I fuck with — raised with type of thing. The city brought a lot of differences, either you learn from them or you don’t.

How has music been therapy for you?
Therapy ain’t even a word. It’s being to speak not just for myself but for my peers. Give people that sense of he gets it, especially from a guy’s standpoint. There’s a lot of songs I’ve created from a nice guy’s reasoning, a guy who couldn’t really explain or express himself. Because I’ve had people be like “I put the song on while she was in the car and it got my point across.” That’s what I like doing, speaking for people who can’t really say shit.

Talk about linking with E-40 on “Everybody.”
Big unc! It was dope because when I created the song, I already had him in mind. My manager being from Richmond, they’re like this [crosses fingers]. But I never want people to get it twisted, he doesn’t do a lot of features. If it was trash, he wasn’t gon’ do it. People thought because of the relationship that was already there, it’d be an easy thing. But I had reached out to him, he called us back. We had a conference call, he listened to the song. Literally the next day, because he fucked with it. Once we started conversing more and more, it became all love. I already have a video. He’s good people, he gave me a bunch of his wines and alcohol. He’s real cool.

What makes you want to bridge the gap between the Bay & LA?
The bridging thing already’s been happening. The way the Bay looks at LA and the way LA look at the Bay, they have similarities but it’s very different. The best way to bridge it is to bring in the GOAT and use that as a gateway.

What can we expect from your debut album Same Energy?
I like to talk shit so a lot of making people respect the lyrics. I don’t just put shit together, I make records. There’s a difference between just putting songs out and actually making records. It’s an emotional rollercoaster. You going to have the turn up, the soft shit, the woke songs. You’re going to find something you like, that’s my thing. I don’t want to be just a one trick pony.

What is it you want fans to get from your story?
That I love my granny. She helped me become not just the man, but the artist I am because there’s an authentic person. I don’t fake, that ain’t me. I don’t gimmick, ain’t no facade. My brand is exactly what you see: simple. I like sneakers. Easy-going, I’m more of an action dude. I know how to turn that on when I have to, but I’m a real simple dude. Just get it done.

Who’s in your Top 5?
I have to say this, but Tupac. My manager from the Bay used to manage Pac. That’s one of his “Mark you gotta have him in your Top 5.” Biggie. You gon’ laugh at this one: Suga Free. Of course E-40, but that’s a given. Busta Rhymes. Lil Wayne.

I’m such an odd ball, I listen to James Brown then I be listening to Red Hot Chili Peppers. There’s such a variety of music I listen to. Spanish, a lot of people don’t know I was signed to a Spanish label. My old family’s Hispanic, a lot of my people I grew up with are Hispanic. I used to win freestyle contests a lot. They just took a liking to me, they always wanted to help. “Come to 96.3,” it’s called La Mega. They put me on that station. From then, they heard me and it built up from there. They gave me that little opportunity. Obviously being signed to that was different because of where I’m at, but it was fun.

What’s a normal day in the life? Walk us through.
I wake up, before I touch my phone or do anything, I always do this happy dance to put myself in this mental positive mindset. I’m not even joking, because life is way too short. My granny is 84 so I gotta keep her young and stay mentally prepared for anything. That’s why I do studio sessions Monday. It sets up the rest of my week. I’m big on energies so I make sure I do my happy dance, then obviously hygiene: brush teeth and wash your face.

I have to write music everyday, even if it’s 4 bars. I have to be creative. After that, I have all these conference calls. It’s business, I have to take care of business. I limit myself now on the sneaker shopping but it used to be bad! It’s therapeutic for me. I’m simple so I can get sneakers, get some good food, put on a movie and I’m straight. That’s me though, chillin’. I actually have a CBD sponsor, so I might be rubbing CBD on my chest and shit. [chuckles]

3 things you need in the studio?
Cranberry juice, my grandpa got me on this shit. Omg, I drink it all the time. Great energy. I like my music loud, so all my shit’s gotta be knocking. Everything knocks, no matter what. Even slow songs knock. I’m simple, I like to laugh so I need that type of energy around me.

Best encounter you had with a fan?
The best encounter was this girl and her mother, the girl obviously was there for the show but her mom brought her. The whole time I’m looking, the mom’s rapping with me though. The mom was already up on game too so after the show, we took pictures and hugged. Those type of things do it for me.

I’m boring, but let me tell you why I’m boring. I created a record called “Boring.” I wrote it because a girl was like “I like being boring with you.” At first, I was going to take it offensively, “what you mean?” She’s like “I like you ‘cause you’re so chill, you don’t really need…” In my mind, I’m cool. I do shit, but I’d just rather not. I tried to explain to my partnas all the time: you go to the club and you’re trying to impress and get girls, when you could just solo her out. [claps] Take her out on a date and you’ll definitely alleviate all the problems, but people don’t see it. Common sense ain’t so common. That’s me, why go here when I can take her here and cut all that shit out?

Anything else you want to let us know?
I’m about to bully a lot of stuff so just be prepared.


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