F$O Dinero On Trading Hoop Dreams For The Music

November 14, 2019

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AllHipHop caught up with F$O Dinero in Los Angeles shortly after the release of “Blue Bills,” which can be found on his forthcoming tape “Color Money.”

F$O Dinero is all about the money, in the most positive way possible. Hailing from Broward County, the “Blue Bills” rapper is here to take this music thing all the way to the top, with goals of obtaining Gold and Platinum plaques while headlining the game’s biggest events. It was in senior year of high school when he decided to trade the hoop dreams in for the studio, the only place he truly feels alive and inspired.

Coming from humble beginnings, it was Lil Wayne and the Cash Money imprint that he looked up to growing up — giving him hope that he could one day attain their stature. Fast forward to 2019, he’s doing the damn thing.

AllHipHop: For those who don’t know, who is F$O Dinero?

F$O Dinero: My music is more like the drip music, fly s##t only. It’s fly guy. F$O stands for Fly s##t Only.

AllHipHop: Why should people f##k w/ you?

F$O Dinero: Because what I do is pure. The music’s pure, the vibes are pure. Through music, you could feel what I’m going through. Either it makes you want to get money, it makes you want to get fly, or it makes you want to just feel better.

AllHipHop: How would you describe your sound?

F$O Dinero: Unique. I can sound like and adapt to anything. Like a chameleon, I can do anything.

AllHipHop: You say you’re from Broward but not the same place as X. Why?

F$O Dinero: There’s different little cities. Where he’s from is in the deep South. Kodak’s from Pompano and I’m from Oakland Park, it’s still Broward County but not the same exact spot. Because they brought the light to us, Kodak and X.

AllHipHop: What were you seeing growing up?

F$O Dinero: Growing up in Broward, you see the rights and the wrongs. We live in a whole different world. South Florida in general, everything is fast over there. You see what not to want to be like, you see what to be like… it’s more to life. Broward is a small city, it prepared me for everything so far.

AllHipHop: Do you ever miss the hoop dreams?

F$O Dinero: I do sometimes think about it. I be like “damn, I can’t believe I used to just wake up and go to practice every single day.” Can’t believe I used to play basketball, now I don’t even touch a basketball. I still play basketball every now and then but before, it was every single day. Waking, boom: go play basketball. Like damn, what if I still played ball? I don’t dwell on it too much because everything happens for a reason.

AllHipHop: Dream collab?

F$O Dinero: Wayne, John Legend, and Meek.

AllHipHop: What can we expect from Color Money?

F$O Dinero: A whole lot of different vibes. Color Money will stamp me in a way. Because I have songs out, but I don’t have too much out. Color Money is really hard. I got features from Lil Durk, City Girls, and Zoey Dollaz. He’s from Miami, City Girls from Miami too. Lil Durk ended up happening because I made a post on Instagram, I told everybody tag Durk. Somebody I used to work with hit him up. He was f##king with the sound so we just built a connection. Went over there and made a song.

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