‘Last Christmas’ Was… Trash.

November 17, 2019

Saturday, November 16th

Mood: when’s Christmas? Well first we have to get through Thanksgiving, but all these Christmas lights around the city got me ready for December. We don’t even really celebrate it, it’s just the energy and positive spirit that I look forward to each year. Today, I had an extremely productive day. Started off with an interview with Jidenna at Belasco, then interviewed Rapsody at Adult Swim Festival at Banc of California Stadium, and even got to shoot with 2 Chainz. It’s crazy how my weekends can be busier than weekdays but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

After that, I drove 30 minutes to the Rapper Weed party at Penthouse on Robertson on the westside. Super lit, probably my favorite company to work for. Anything marijuana-related and you’re speaking my language. Then drove back home to hit the movies with my brother. Haven’t been able to hang in forever nor have I been to the movies in forever. He wanted to see Midway and I wanted a chick flick, so we hit the 9:30pm showing of Last Christmas at AMC Burbank 16. Terrible choice lmao.

IMDB plot: Kate is a young woman subscribed to bad decisions. Her last date with disaster? That of having accepted to work as Santa’s elf for a department store. However, she meets Tom there. Her life takes a new turn. For Kate, it seems too good to be true.

This movie was honestly terrible. The only good part about it was the Christmas theme. It takes place in London & basically Kate is a crazy white girl with hella mental problems (aka me). She’s played by Emilia Clarke who I guess is in Game of Thrones, a show I’ve never watched. Emma Thompson plays her mom, which had me trippin’ because my bro & I used to watch Parent Trap all the time. That was so long ago! We’re old af.

Also, the Asian dude from Rich Crazy Asians plays the love interest: Henry Golding. The movie runs an hour 43 minutes long but it’s really not worth seeing in theaters. Tbh, it was just mad boring. Like I shut my eyes for a second. I also kept checking the time so that’s when you know a movie is trash. Anyways… see Charlie’s Angels instead!

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